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  • Pokemon Sword and Shield: Grimmsnarl
    Grimmsnarl is one of the powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But unlike those with strong basic attributes, the flexible use of Grimmsnarl's IVs is his powerful condition. How to set it up to increase its defense is that its offensive damage is higher, and even entering its Gigantamax form through G-Max Snooze is what we need to know.The best Grimmsnarls can have a lot of IVs within...
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  • The Best Gigantamax Pokémon in Sword & Shield
    The Pokémon franchise introduced Dynamax in the eighth generation, a simple and easy-to-use new mechanism that makes it more outstanding and popular than Z-Moves and Mega Evolutions.SnorlaxOne of Generation I's classic Pokémon, Snorlax is known for its strength and weight. Already a good and useful Pokémon, Snorlax reaches a wholly new level when Gigantamaxed and is...
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  • Pokémon Sword and Shield: Rose
    Rose is one of the most terrifying opponents in this game version. Compared with some famous opponents in the game, the power and evil of chairman Rose are what players hate most. He has many ways to make trouble. Dangerous behaviors such as Giovanni, Maxie, and Archiede often have a way to control the situation. But Rose seems unstoppable?Rose will be the Galar League Chairman, and also the...
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  • Pokemon Sword and Shield egg hatching techniques
    From the story of a player who got a Shiny Pokemon through thousands of incubations not long ago, we can know that incubating is a relatively difficult time-consuming thing, so accelerating the incubation of eggs is that we must understand that we can obtain more or need the pokemon. knowledge. After all, not all players are willing to Buy Shiny Pokemon.There are plenty of hoops players should...
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  • Will you sword and shield's IVs?
    Centiskorch is a very lucky magical baby in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It has a Gigantamax form, and there is a very powerful coil kit function. Let Pokemon defense and attack power. If it is used to use good Coil before entering Gigantamax, it will be very powerful. However, before that, we have to understand its IVS.There is one essential stat for Centiskorch, which is Special Defense. This...
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  • Rillaboom's IVs opinions are in Pokemon Sword and Shield
    Rillaboom is a pokemon with an excellent IV. Although it is not excellent in speed and attack power, it is a large grass-type pokemon. Its 100 basic health and 90 basic defense make it enough to be favored by trainers. The Armor DLC expansion of Sword and Shield also has the Gigantamax form and the mobile Grassy Glide form. After mastering its IV, Rillaboom will become a powerful Shiny 6IV...
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  • Pokémon Sword & Shield Gigantamax design
    Pokémon Sword & Shield's newly introduced Gigantamaxing combat mechanism is very popular among players. The super large and special Gigantimax designed Pokémon with special abilities like super evolution. Using them in the Power Spots battle is like huge damage.Galar and Kanto starters received the Gigantamax form, and 33 Pokémon with Gigantamax capabilities also stood...
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  • Three Pokémon in Sword And Shield DLCs
    There are two DLCs for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and as usual, more than a dozen new Pokémon have been added. I will recommend three better Pokémon, hoping to help players complete Pokedex and build a stronger team. CalyrexWhile its design isn't much to post home about rolling around in its base form or either Rider form, the lore surrounding Calyrex is fairly astounding. Much is...
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  • Do you know the Machamp of Pokemon Sword and Shield?
    Machamp's Bulk Up suit works well, increasing attack damage. Let this heavy fighting type of pokemon have a very good effect. As a Pokémon known for its high HP and high defense. Machamp's ability has leaped in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It has Gigantamax, its Dynamax Machamp, Max Knuckle and G-Max Chi Strike forms make it both offensive and defensive.Close Combat, Earthquake, and Bullet...
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  • Excadrill will destroy everything
    Excadrill's mobility and attribute data have always been the favorite Pokémon of players. Fast, flexible, small size has strong destructive power. Very powerful in the face of poison and electric shock. Be careful of its moves to bring you fatal damage. Earthquake is usually a terrifying weapon within reach of Excadrill. With its crippling attack stat, a self-buff from Swords Dance, and...
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