Excadrill's mobility and attribute data have always been the favorite Pokémon of players. Fast, flexible, small size has strong destructive power. Very powerful in the face of poison and electric shock. Be careful of its moves to bring you fatal damage.

Earthquake is usually a terrifying weapon within reach of Excadrill. With its crippling attack stat, a self-buff from Swords Dance, and Same Type Attack Bonus, Earthquake will certainly bring down the hardiest of opponents.

Iron Head is often a decently powerful move with 80 base power and 100% accuracy. It pales compared to Earthquake, but against Pokemon that resists Ground-type moves, Iron Head is really a perfectly acceptable substitute. The 30% flinch chance doesn't hurt either in case the opposing Pokemon survive.

Swords Dance has arrived for obvious reasons. Players might take advantage of Excadrill's defensive typing to set up a Swords Dance or two before decimating the enemy within a straight sweep. This strategy is useful enough with Mold Breaker, but it surely shines with Sand Rush using a sandstorm team since it is difficult to outspeed a Pokemon whose already significant speed has become doubled.

Rock Slide would be the fourth get over it this list mainly for type coverage. While Mold Breaker is equipped for abilities, nevertheless doesn't negate Ground's inability to hit Flying-type Pokemon. Rock Slide handily handles Flying-types and Bug-types and also anything else that Iron Head and Earthquake can't take care of.

An alternative strategy should be to take Toxic over Swords Dance and Stealth Rock over Rock Slide. This makes Excadrill right into a set-up Pokemon that opponents still have to steer clear of as a result of the sheer power of the Earthquake.

Mold Breaker allows Excadrill to poison Pokemon that could normally be unable to be poisoned because of abilities like Immunity and Leaf Guard. Meanwhile, Sand Rush lets Excadrill start using these moves prior to an opponent's chance to make an effort to take Excadrill out.

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