Rillaboom is a pokemon with an excellent IV. Although it is not excellent in speed and attack power, it is a large grass-type pokemon. Its 100 basic health and 90 basic defense make it enough to be favored by trainers. The Armor DLC expansion of Sword and Shield also has the Gigantamax form and the mobile Grassy Glide form. After mastering its IV, Rillaboom will become a powerful Shiny 6IV Pokemon.

The big stat for Rillaboom to have good IVs in is Defense. Yes, this is a great attacker. Rillaboom does, though gain access to Attack-boosting moves. It can Swords Dance, Bulk Up, Work Up, or Use Max Knuckle in Gigantamax so it will be extra powerful.

The answer to why Defense is very important for Rillaboom is really because it often utilizes surviving a panic attack before it might retaliate. Even Pokemon that Rillaboom can hit for super effective damage can win out by simply outspending it.

Consider a Pokemon like Rapid-Strike Urshifu. Rillaboom definitely incorporates a good matchup from this Pokemon, but without a good defense, it's not only a sure victory. Rillaboom can easily fire off a strong Grassy Glide or Drum Beating for getting great damage on Urshifu.

The problem is that Urshifu has enough bulk to at the very least survive a type of attack. Urshifu also gets usage of Ice Punch, so unless Rillaboom can survive two Ice Punches, it genuinely can lose to Urshifu. Situations similar to this are why Rillaboom's defense really should be maxed out.

This doesn't show that Attack isn't vital that you Rillaboom. It still wishes to do just as much damage as you can when it provides the opportunity to attack. Not only does Rillaboom know more about strong Grass-type moves, but almost all also get lots of other strong attacks like Superpower, Giga Impact, and Earthquake.

With a powerful Attack stat behind it, Rillaboom will likely be able to take care of a variety of Pokemon which consists of a wide variety of attacks.

Speed ​​can be another stat Rillaboom wants lots of IVs in, if not maxed. Rillaboom's base Speed ​​is at 85. This certainly isn't too fast, but it could possibly outspeed quite a great deal of Pokemon. A slow Rillaboom may very well be taking hits whenever a Pokemon is released.

A Rillaboom using a bit of speed, however, could get the hop on Pokemon for the reason that sort of middle-speed tier. This can be very good for Rillaboom mainly because it won't have to take as often damage which enables it to instead just concentrate on dropping heavy attacks on the enemy.

Like other Shiny Pokemon, Rillaboom also has a shiny form. For players who buy Shiny Pokemon, purchasing Rillaboom to upgrade its ability is a very good choice, and it can play a huge role in the team.