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  • NBA 2K21 ratings don't do justice to the gamers in all
    NBA 2K21 Error Code 4b538e50 may be preventing you from using certain features of Nba 2k21 Mt the sport. Here's what the error code means and how to mend it.NBA 2K21 Error Code 4b538e50 might be preventing you from using certain features of this sport. Here is what the error code means and how to fix it. Error Code 4b538e50 only means that your game is not updated to the latest version or is...
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  • I've really only used this for EVE echoes
    One more thing you can probably do would be to eve echoes isk give less weight to prices from purchase orders that need a"significant" amount of time to be fulfilled. Again, how much is important? Perhaps there's a way to calculate the"predicted time" a purchase order for this kind of item needs.It's a fantastic idea and very nice work, but I do not believe it is possible to do that in a legit...
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  • The greatest returner at NFL history was a DB
    Next year will probably be even worse. That's cool. However they wouldn't do that! Man, if they can only put legends for Madden 21 coins Fantasy Drafts, I'd be a far bigger supporter. I gave up after 19. Franchise mode is essentially season mode where you are able to transfer gamers, and the gameplay is 360/ps3 era jank. IF they do be able to improve Franchise and ensure it is meaningful and...
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  • Madden NFL 21 Franchise Management Tool
    I eventually got around to Madden 21 coins upgrading this document as a result of a few reddit members who reached out to me and helped me out by providing me the new excel export files because I am still on Madden 20 lol. I expect more people can enjoy this time around. It's easy to set up but you do need to have the madden 20 companion app and Microsoft 2013 or after because enabling...
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  • I did so and I entered into RuneScape
    So I was thinking of RuneScape gold moving revenant searching... My states r.. . 65 att, 65 def, 70 str, 45 prayer, 67 hp( combat lvl of 82) I am thinking of wearing complete rune or full d'hide (see I att by mele and I am just 46 range and only 60 magical so attackign them range or magic isn't good idea as a result of my low lvls in them). But cause u have to go deeper to discover the...
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  • Nine classes to choose from in PSO2
    Phantasy Star Online 2 provides players flexible course dynamics, but PSO2 Meseta which class should players decide to start with? It's not constantly that MMOs offer you a versatile class system for its players. Luckily, the much-awaited Phantasy Star Online 2 takes cues from the first Phantasy Star games using its flexible class dynamics. In PSO2, characters may freely switch in between...
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  • The OP literally admits on one of EVE echoes
    I'm working with it. The poor dudes recording that EVE Mobile ISK fight had even more disconnects then that battle surprisingly. It's taking me more time.God the fanboys are out in force on this one aren't they, every comment contradicting the narrative (which makes zero sense) gets downvoted. Now I am just here for the negative karma.You created a new account simply to shit article on all SHH...
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  • That players define their playstyle with PSO2
    I'd imagine with how New Genesis would potentially be balanced that meseta pso2 hopefully every class is workable like how Dragon's Dogma Online cleaned up the vocations so they were all complete packages that gamers can enlarge on and flesh out without needing to take part in things like exactly what Phantasy Star Online 2 now has (specifically Mags deciding which classes you will excel at and...
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  • I'm going to be a member in RuneScape
    Okay from 75 cooking (were I began, and RuneScape gold because 75 you dont burn off lobs anymore (assuming you're using cooking gaunts the entire time)): 39,104 Lobsters for to 91 the initial mark, this would cost 12,044,032 [39,104 Lobsters] (1,994,304 is missing AFTER the 39k Lobsters is sold). 13,612 Monkfish for to 94 the second mark, this could price 5,485,636 [13,612 Monkfish] (666,988 is...
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  • Anyone seriously considering purchasing Madden
    Since many men and Mut 21 coins women are treating game companies like they are their great, trustworthy friends. I really don't think I have ever seen this happening from the gambling community. They do not see them just like any other businesses whose sole purpose is only to get your cash. If you changed the name from EA into CDPR, curiously enough that the remarks here will be a lot...
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