I eventually got around to Madden 21 coins upgrading this document as a result of a few reddit members who reached out to me and helped me out by providing me the new excel export files because I am still on Madden 20 lol. I expect more people can enjoy this time around. It's easy to set up but you do need to have the madden 20 companion app and Microsoft 2013 or after because enabling powerpivot and electricity query function is demanded. Good stuff, I am blown away. I used to manually loading my own franchise information in an excel spreadsheet when playing preceding Maddens. You have made this INCREDIBLY less tedious. I was for certain thinking of bypassing Madden this year in demonstration of lack of franchise developments, but you have honestly inspired me. I want to buy it only for what you have implemented here.

Thanks guy. I build these types of coverage for my true job/career so your remark is definitely appreciated. Thank you for the positive feedback! I am still hooked on phantom of Tsushima at the present time, but I will get around to buying madden 21 eventually. Sakai sama, would be possible to port this to Google sheets? Thanks for the hard work! No problem! Regrettably, I don't think that it's possible to port to google sheets... 

Hello can someone explain what this is? I am NOT a soccer fan but I really do enjoy playing the games with my bestfriend who's a huge bills fan you will call me stupid or not know why I play them when I don't care for NFL but me and him have really small amount of games in common so that is why I play Madden. It is an internet franchise tool that you can use to keep track of your franchise group and readily scout other players which you could consider trading for. For example, I enjoy having CBs which are 92+ at speed and agi, LBs that possess the big hitter trait or DL's using bullrush attribute etc.. This instrument should make searching for those particular kinds of players much simpler.

Ah well I just have 20 so this won't be able to be utilized for me till probably launch of 2021. Can you track season or career stats with this at all? I wish. . However, I do not think madden exports any season or career stats. Otherwise, I would really like to do that! This is incredible, thank you so much for it. 

Just shared it with my own 32-man league. That is fantastic! I had been attempting to make something like myself, but as the other person said, was going about it in a far more dull manner than you have made it! I'll be relying heavily with this tool moving forward! Are you aware if there is a way to make the columns sortable from the participant tabs? Like could I sort rate high to low for recipients? The option was grayed out when I tried and I am not Excel savvy enough to mmoexp mut 21 coins understand why. Thanks!