So I was thinking of RuneScape gold moving revenant searching... My states r.. . 65 att, 65 def, 70 str, 45 prayer, 67 hp( combat lvl of 82) I am thinking of wearing complete rune or full d'hide (see I att by mele and I am just 46 range and only 60 magical so attackign them range or magic isn't good idea as a result of my low lvls in them). But cause u have to go deeper to discover the revenants or u will await along time till u find a person.

I did so and I entered into a high wildy lvl a lot of high revenants lvl can att me. And cause my great chance I got assaulted by ork revenant lvl 105 and I died in under 30 secondes. And that armour shoudl I use. What if I take in my stock. I am non-mem btw. Please don't tell me that they are not great for coaching and they do not drop anythign mostly cause I know this I'm just doing it for pleasure.

I don't understand what I should do!!! I would like to do something that gives me money, but will also make me a skillcape. My stats are below(If I did it right) and I want something which isn't too slow. So a skillcape with money, eh? Well that narrows it down to some gathering skill. It hastens runes, but you simply take essence so that I'll set it anyway), Farming (same deal like runecrafting, you have to acquire seeds but you gather in herbs. You have to do it the slow way to make gain ) So try out some of them and see which you like the best. Once you find one you've got to really stick with it, but it's nice to take a break from it for a few days. Just be certain that you don't get off course is all.Which is the best means of speeding up my stats ? I'm a Member. Yeah Just like they Said, utilize a scimmy, While doing Less damage, But it strikes Much more Faster. Doing Ogres lvl 99, isn't very great for training. Maybe Doing Slayer Can Help. However an Simple Way of train Melee Would be Moss Giants.

They Are Easy To kill, and drop Some good Drops. Bring your Greatest Armour, And Your Whole Inventory full of food. They Don't Drop anything, so That You Can power Train. After Doing Biohazard you can go to The training ground north of ardougon. Utilize a Bone Cross Bow With Bone bolts, Use you BEST Ranging Bonus Armour.

Don't Even Bother For Melee Defense, the Ogres There Can Not Affect you, However, you Retrieve you Bolts. Don't bother using their Drops. Unless they Drop Ranarr Seeds or snapdragon seeds. Again you are able to Power Train. Now Remember Always utilize Slayer to Train, as it is quite Great, unless you want to power train like I stated Above for Quicker Results. But slayer is Fun. I don't have Much to say for Ability As mine is liek 34 or something... If you would like to buy OSRS gold ask for anything else simply Pm Me or Reply.