Every neurosis, depression or anxiety is linked to suffering

There are thousands and millions of them. People with neurotic taint. People who suffer from long-standing emotional conflicts and are unable to resolve them themselves.

Everyone suffering from neurosis feels that no one can understand them, everyone feels alone in their suffering. He sees his personal situation in black colours, tears up all the wounds of the past anew and does not see any brighter prospects ahead. 

He is also often ill and his body suffers.

I want those suffering from neurotic disorders to see that many suffer just like them. If they look at themselves through the prism of similar experiences and sufferings of other people, they may be able to objectify this view and see that the source of the suffering lies primarily in themselves, in their conflicting or suppressed emotions, in unresolved problems.

The most important thing, however, is for them to see that neurosis can be got rid of!!!

Because working on yourself makes you change, come to balance mental equilibrium, regains peace of mind, physical health, self-confidence and faith in people. He is able to enjoy life, is able to feel loved and knows how to love himself.