Mexico has become a quite famous holiday destination in recent years. However, several activities are worth trying. Moreover, the Lufthansa Group Travel helps to save time & money. The other thing is you can fly with a group of ten passengers. 

It’s primarily located in the southern portion of North America & quite famous for its culture, beaches & more. However, the other thing that makes it unbeatable is the environment which is better & different from the other places. 

List of the interesting activities to do:

  1. Artisanal market:

While on vacation in Mexico, you can visit & spend time in the artisanal market. It’s a fifty years old marketplace & offers a wide variety of products made with wood, black mud & more.

However, you can visit different shops & purchase various kinds of products. It’s a new, different kind of place & worth visiting.

2. Watch the sunrise:

If you want to watch the sunrise in Mexico, the monumental sunrises offer 360-degree views. Moreover, you can enjoy these unbelievable scenes from the highest point of the revolution building, with a height of about 65 metres

However, watching a live sunrise is something everyone wants to enjoy & click the pictures. 

3. Visit Little Venice:

You can plan to visit Venice city, a renowned tourist spot. Travelling to Mexico via Lufthansa Airlines always comes with incredible inflight services and other on-air benefits.

 You can get on the boats & travel and enjoy some time while moving into the water. On the other hand, you can also look for How do I Speak to a Live Person at Lufthansa Airlines? If you cannot book a flight or need some other information.

4. Chapultepec Forest:

Welcome to the most beautiful Chapultepec Forest, which receives around 61000 visitors daily. Although, there are several museums & other places to relax. Moreover, you can come here in your free time & get some fresh air. 

The best time will be to visit early in the morning & to enjoy the overall views. 

5. Visit the University theatre:

Apart from these, you can also visit the university theatre where you can enjoy different cultural events & more. There are other things to enjoy & explore the trip.