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  • Silver Travertine Slabs 
    Stone conservation must first understand stone, stone lesions Slate Wall Panel occur to the prophet etiology, not grasping. Stone burst, float, spit yellow, water spots, rusty spot, hua, mist, may be because of too much water. So the bathroom Z better avoid to use natural stone material. Because the bathroom water vapor is more, natural stone material in such an environment, the...
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  • Agate Slabs For Sale
    Marble is in the street we can often see a strip of stone, the Calacatta Quartz Slab line is mainly used for dividing the pavement and the lanes the, everyone will think hard stone is no long life, actually otherwise, marble long-term exposed unavoidably some physical erosion and chemical corrosion, etc., time is long will affect his life. Marble manufacturer to introduce you to some...
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  • White Marble Mosaic
    Marble laid on both sides of road after a long time of rain and Marble Granite Price some of the pollution of the outside world, time is long will form the rusty spot, rusty spot mainly divided into two kinds of factors inside and outside, the cause of formation of the marble manufacturer to introduce you to:Kind of the cause of rusty spot is the iron from the stone itself. In...
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  • Nero Marquina Marble Slab 
    Placed on the side of the road every day face a lot of marble Pietra Gray Marble or all kinds of automobile exhaust pollution, a large amount of pollutants that marble suffered more pollution, if like this for a long time can cause the harm of marble for a long time, for maintenance personnel needs to regularly to clean, do some nursing, so as to its long service life and shining...
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  • Porcelain Marble Slabs 
    By sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock formation of sedimentary Artificial Marble Slabs rocks, marble is limestone after recrystallization formed a kind of metamorphic rock, usually associated with the biological body texture. Main component is calcium carbonate, and its content is about 50% - 75%, weakly alkaline. Some marble containing a certain amount of silica, and some do not...
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  • pietra gray marble
    The marble furniture that sells on the market at present is white marble slabs mostly natural marble, marble color difference between the same color, weight is heavier, large area is used for indoor decoration, can increase the building load bearing, and also may be harmful to human body in the natural marble material.New to the market of artificial marble effectively solve these...
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