By sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock formation of sedimentary Artificial Marble Slabs rocks, marble is limestone after recrystallization formed a kind of metamorphic rock, usually associated with the biological body texture. Main component is calcium carbonate, and its content is about 50% - 75%, weakly alkaline. Some marble containing a certain amount of silica, and some do not contain silica. Fine particles (calcium carbonate), surface stripe distribution generally more irregular, lower hardness.
Specific classification is as follows:
Class A: high quality marble, with the same, excellent processing quality, does not contain impurities and porosity.
Class B: characteristics close to the former kind of marble, but the processing quality is slightly less than the former; There are natural flaws; Need to be small separation, adhesive and filling.
Class C: there is some difference processing quality; Defects, Calacatta Nano Glass porosity, texture, fracture is common. Repair the differences of medium difficulty, through separation, adhesive, filler or reinforcement one or more of these methods can be realized.
Class D: characteristics similar to C of marble, but it has a more natural flaws, and processing quality differences in Z is big, need the same kind of method for surface treatment of many times. This kind of marble troubler of many colorful stone, they have very good adornment value.
Because the concrete cushion layer net clear water or wet Porcelain Marble Slabs enough. Brush brush cement slurry uneven or time is too long and dry. Leveling layer with slurry water at will. Dali is not soaking wet factors such as easy cause empty drum. , therefore, must strictly abide by the operating process requirement must be cleared at the grass-roots level, mortar screed-coat with dry hard, along with the brush with a layer of cement slurry, marble or granite plate must be soaking wet before paving.
Width uneven seam rugged, nuiko: the main reason is that Granite Slab Supplier the plate itself has defects such as thickness, width, channeling Angle, warp, not selected in advance. The room level elevation lines. Pavement when not strictly's line joint caused by factors such as rugged, nuiko defects such as uneven. So should be selected in advance plate, every warp, arch, such as on the piece of wood of the width is not founder singling out will not be used. Laying standard block should be in the direction of the sides and back order after laid, and with a spirit level and straight edge alignment with at any time, nuiko must pull line there can be no deviation. The elevation lines inside the room must have the specialist is responsible for the introduction, and each room and corridor level must be consistent.