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  • The Hazards Of PS Lid
    I believe that everyone who loves to read the news must have seen reports about the harm of Ps lid , but is there any health hazard to the human body caused by the styrene released by ps lid? The lid made of polystyrene releases styrene monomer when heated. Indeed, a small amount of styrene monomer may not be completely polymerized and remain in the finished product during the production...
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  • Material Selection Of Paper Cup Sleeve
    A paper cup that is easy to carry and use, and is inexpensive. It is a common tool for drinking water or beverages in many homes and public places. But in the process of using, we will find that some hot drinks have a higher temperature, or cold drinks have a lower temperature, which will not be comfortable for us to hold, so at this time we need the help of a Paper cup sleeve . The...
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