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Urns may have a great opportunity to make use of during this bonus weekend of exp. It's quite simple as soon as you log on to teleport all of your prepared full urns away for a great chunk of exp that will give you a great start to the bonus exp weekend. However, you can only get 10 full-urns of each skill. With 61 craft 10 strong cutting urns for wood will yield 44887.5 exp. With 62 crafting 10 Infernal or urns you will get 50625 exp. If you craft 76 Infernal urns, you'll receive 51300 exp. 41782.5 exp will be gained from 81 crafting Decorated Cooking Urns While the exp gains may not be massive but 40k/50k skill gains in just a minute is quite helpful. 10 Infernal Urns at the current price will cost you 1.4mill, if dragon bones are used. Hello Everyone! Falxmaster. I'm Falxmaster. I plan to create a comedy-style reality-show kind of comedy series on YouTube about Noobs. But in the meantime, I'm in need of actors. Check out the rest of this article for tips on how to audition. You don't have to be a real noob, but if you can act try it out! If you want to audition, just PM me on the game. My name is Falxmaster. There isn't an actual debate. It's just a matter of posting your opinions between them. Oldschool was 01-07, and newschool starting 08-Now. Discuss how you will adjust to the new way of play (if it's your first time joining after a break of three years). Also discuss the advantages of new features. Overall ease of things. Overall, it was fun. Even though I no longer like pking, it's an activity that I still enjoy. It's definitely different than the old school pking. I used to put on just a coif (looking like a total noob) snare runes, teleblock runes, Msb 200 rune arrows, range pot, and rest sharks that totally dominate. That was the day wildy returned with a dress that was pure and decent. I was snarled. After some time, you become familiar with it, and I started to recognize when it was time to eat. It's a lot more difficult since there are less novices and more people are aware about wild and other stuff. I had difficulty eating at 20HP. They would food spam me, and then take me out. However, today they are able to take me down with their claws. It's always fun to pke, and I have enough money to cover the more than 100k I lose each time I die. Never once did I think "this new game is a pain". Things are always changing. Get used to it, adjust. I still use old-school methods to pke. I am able to handle 60 attack, 89 range and 70 str just :( ). Off topic. After I decided I would return, I joined the cc's of two my favourite pkers. Many don't even have an Cc. That was until I became a part of one of my most inspiring pkers, the one who made me an all-natural range. Yankin Deez was the one I donated 1mil to to support another Pk video. It's no surprise that he's an extremely cool guy. He also added me. It is basically a guitarist, who is a huge fan of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page meets it. In any case, talk about. Clans, clans, and clans - that's all I seem to be hearing about in the office these days. Amid all of this, and the massive "Clan Celebration Month" celebrations, I have decided to start my clan. However, it will be stronger and more bold, as well as more prosperous than any other clan. I am the best! Here's where YOU come in. I'm in need of YOU! I need you all - to sign up and join me. If you want to join me, we could start stomping on innocents, looting villages and pillaging Gielinor to find gold. If you don't think it sounds exciting it is possible to make other clan members slaves to do the heavy work. Who is there with me? To eliminate the others Who's joining us? To let me know that you've been accepted into the clan, post in the forum thread for sign-ups. To make our mark in the world of clans, we need as many people possible. When I say "make our mark' I mean 'stomp into oblivion to the ground' As much as the idea of starting a clan is appealing, I believe we'll need an equally awesome name if we're going to make a real impact on the clan world. This is where all of you come in. Is there a unique name you could propose for the clan? If you can, please post it on the thread for suggestions on clan names. I will be gathering the most famous clan names from the thread and uploading them to a poll on our Facebook page. Then, you'll be able to all vote for the most popular one. We are the future. I'm saving to buy my ideal armour (currently have about 42 mil) and i want to know what you consider about it. I don't like hearing "get the fire cape" gloves for barrows or Zerker rings (i) however, I don't want to hear about it. I am sure these are superior to what I posted, but my goal is not to acquire these items. They might be in my future goals, but all those items are time-consuming, difficult, or just not enough for my time currently. Let me now explain why I chose this armour. This is an amazing, non-degradable setup. It is ideal for pvp in secure zones (cw, duels ect ) because of its range defense, slash defence, and strength bonus. The reason I use the DFSs over the d Def is that Bandos has less slash defense than other armors. This helps offset the weak defense, and provides you with an additional str bonus. In areas where damage taken is not a factor (pc) I will replace the dfs by the d def. This will result in a 124-slash attack bonus, and a 120-str bonus. I will use an ss for str training. What do YOU guys think? do you like it? The most controversial element of this armor is the dfs instead of the ddef used for PVP. I think it will work. Many high-ranking officers use the combination of bandos and dfs in the above paragraphs. Set it up. Dont enter. You can camp right in front of it. Choose the fire and it will kill all Aviansies. Now grab all the Spoils! These include bonus bars, clue scrolls Nex keys and limbs Rune legs and daggers, Law and Nature runes Dragonstones and Pure coins (up to 9,916!) The xp amount is devstating, more than regularly killing them, more if acctually combating them. Be sure you keep the ranged bonuses up to a high level for the cannon. Although you can alch the limbs or daggers I would rather sell them. The greatest aspect is that you could stay here for a few weeks without getting bored. It's all thanks to you, Tcmp3. No copying permitted. This is my property. OK, I have changed the spelling. It is still possible to use the cannon. However, sometimes, monsters will smash it to pieces. Why do people hate farming A lot of RS players dislike the Farming Skill. They either learn it using tears of Guthix or use it for requirements in quests, such as Fairy Tale Pt 2. If I ask them why they dislike Farming and their responses tend to be "too boring". These claims are not true. I find Farming to be one of the most fascinating abilities. It offers many options for training, a change in the scenery, and also allows you to communicate in a cc, while learning. It's not something you do repetitively that is done in the same place for long periods of time. Instead, you are able to take a long break between Farming runs and do whatever you like. If you want to know more information about OSRS Gold , please lock on
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