Earlier this week, we published a review of the Minisforum HX90 miniPC. For the full details on that story as well as the review itself, check out that video. To summarize briefly, that review was delayed and re-recorded multiple times because the review sample that we received had liquid metal splattered around the inside of the unit, but none actually connecting the CPU and the cooler. After a confusing email chain, we discovered that the HX90 was supposed to have liquid metal, but that the review samples didn’t. We were sent another sample, we were told it had liquid metal, and after testing it, we were told “actually no, it doesn’t have liquid metal.” So, after more confusing and misleading emails from Minisforum, we cut our time investment with the HX90. To summarize our review, we basically said this: we have no idea what will actually be shipping to customers, but clearly Minisforum should not be allowed anywhere near liquid metal. PS5 Video Game Cheats

Interestingly, Minisforum responded with a video of their own. The video documents the process they use for applying liquid metal to the HX90. Some parts of the process seem well thought-out, like their use of a small frame to make sure that the liquid metal is applied to the right space, they apply a foam barrier so that liquid metal stays on the die, and they have a brace setup to keep the cooler in place as they screw it down. They even show how the security torx screws will be replaced with Philips head screws to be more easily serviced. We had complained about the security bump in the screws, so that’s great to see.

Unfortunately, Minisforum seems to have completely missed the problem we illustrated in our review. And that’s that we have no idea what’s going to be sent to customers. We received two samples from them and neither of them represent the final product. We also know that that’s true of the samples sent to other YouTube reviewers, including but not limited to, JayzTwoCents, Der8auer, and Dawid Does Tech Stuff. This makes it difficult for us to know how representative of the final product the reviews are, especially since a fault in liquid metal application could spell death for the computer.
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