ICSI treatment in India: The biggest challenge for infertile couples is to become parents biologically. Fertility treatments are like a ray of hope for these patients. In every minute, a miracle comes in the world from using infertility treatments. In India, a wide range of treatments offers by many fertility centres. Since the end of the 20th century, India is serving the whole world to becoming a parent. It is a dream for many couples of becoming parents right after their marriage. But due to our vast lifestyle, some partners fail in becoming parents. Infertility can see in both men and women.  The reason for infertility can determine through various screening. Sometimes it is difficult for doctors to screen the actual cause of infertility in a couple. For the successful treatment of IVF, many advanced technologies and advanced methods are using by doctors in the fertility clinics of India. The ICSI treatment is one of the great methods use along with IVF. The ICSI cost in India is very reasonable. The ICSI treatment in India is the best treatment to treat infertility in men. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is known by ICSI mainly to treat male infertility. 

ICSI treatment in India refers to the patients

The ICSI treatment in India recommends to the patient unable to conceive naturally and need assistance. The multiple conditions that suggest undergoing ICSI treatment in India:

  • Male partner-facing infertility issues
  • Decrease in sperm count of men
  • Do not have healthy sperm 
  • The patient wants to control the transmission of any genetic disorder
  • Fails in multiple IVF cycles
  • Men with the abnormality of sperm
  • HIV patients become the parents of the biological baby. 

ICSI treatment is performed after the entire guidance of doctors. The patients are unable to conceive in previous treatments as ICSI suggests after IVF, IUI.  

The procedure of ICSI treatment in India

The procedure of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) treatment in India includes many steps. The steps are at we care ivf surrogacy:



The doctors prepare the womb of women by giving fertility drugs. The drugs help to produce more mature eggs.

Using ICSI, the man prepares by examining the quality of sperm for the treatment.



An ultrasound performs to screen the internal organs of women like the uterus and ovaries. The doctors examine blood tests to ensure the quality of eggs.


  Egg retrieval 

The doctors retrieve the eggs from the ovaries of a woman. The egg collection can perform using minor surgery with the help of laparoscopy and ultrasound. 


  Collecting sperm

The doctors collect the sperm by using modern methods such as TESA/PESA sperm surgical aspirations. This method helps in choosing good-quality sperm. The sperm prepare by washing the semen  



Both the eggs and sperm are placed in the petri dish the same as conventional IVF for mixing. Each sperm is injected into the egg to increase the chances.



After mixing, the fertilization takes place and forms embryos. The formation undergoes the monitoring of growth for six to five days.



After monitoring the growth, the successful embryo transmits in the womb of the woman.



The fertilized egg sticks to the wall of the ovary to show the success of treatment. The blood tests can confirm the pregnancy and result of the ICSI cycle.


 The mentioned procedure is the per cycle procedure using self eggs and sperm of ICSI treatment in India. The same treatment can be performed using a donor egg and sperm for better results.

The success of the ICSI treatment can shift as the qualities of eggs, sperm quality, age of patients, reason of infertility, using donor sperm, eggs, and embryo, previous treatments, etc. 

ICSI success rates in India are higher than in other countries. 

The cost of ICSI treatment in India

The ICSI cost in India is very reasonable. Different countries offer ICSI treatment at higher costs. In the capital of India, the ICSI cost in Delhi is lower.

 The ICSI treatment in India using standard methods and traditional techniques is around Rs. 2, 10,000 to 2,50,000 per cycle. The cost of ICSI treatment Cost in India may increase by using modern technologies and advanced methods. It can charge more than Rs. 2,00,000. The costs of ICSI treatment in India will be affected by many factors such as:

  • The quality of eggs as the best quality eggs give the successful result of the treatment at a lower cost. If the quality of their own eggs is low, the doctors suggest the donor eggs increase the ICSI cost in India.
  • The egg and sperm-producing ability of the patients depends on the age as the patient at age more than 35 has less possibility of becoming pregnant in one try. The multiple cycles of ICSI influence the ICSI cost in India.
  • In the ICSI treatment, good quality of sperm is required. If the male patient is unable to produce the quality of sperm needs a sperm donor for results. The cost of donor sperm adds up to the total costs of ICSI treatment in India.
  • The fees of consultation can influence the total cost as clinics demand extra charges for experienced counsellors.

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