A healthy hair is inseparable from daily maintenance. But at the same time, our hair quality is getting worse and worse due to perm and straight hair. The hair has lost its original luster, dried up and split ends. So do you know what they can do to make their hair more active and healthy in their daily study and life? Step one: eat fish and nuts Research can find that the protein and omega-3 fatty acids rich in fish and nuts help create a healthy scalp. Green leafy vegetables, beans, carrots, etc. are also good for your hair. Don't go on a diet just to lose weight. When the body develops a lack of nutrients that have important effects, it will naturally lead to symptoms such as hair loss, dry hair and fragile hair. Method 2: Comb your hair patiently In order to improve the maintenance of healthier hair, all the dragging and brushing behavior problems are inappropriate, which will affect the hair more prone to breakage, dryness and brittleness. Even excessive wiping with a towel can damage the hair. If your hair has been severely damaged, then we must use conditioner. Don't not comb your hair just because you are busy with social work or not pull your hair at will. Gently use a comb to comb the knots of the hair every day, so that the newly grown hair will begin to slowly learn to become mentally healthy and shiny. Method 3: Wash your hair with warm water Washing hair with hot water will cause the natural environmental protection oil on the patient's scalp to be lost, and the hair will lose its luster and lose its luster. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to wash your hair with cold water. The best way is to wash your hair with warm water, add Chinese shampoo and massage your scalp, which will help us take care of your hair. Method 4: Use mild chemical hair dye The growth of hair will gradually develop and become slower as we age in society. This means that damaged hair is not necessarily cut off quickly. When using hair dye and other chemicals, you should choose a milder one to avoid damaging the hair.