ICSI cost in nepal: IVF treatment cost in Nepal is approximately 340000 Npr for Single ivf cycle.  In the world, infertility is becoming a common problem in couples. The reason for this problem is still unjustified. One in every five people is facing sterility. They are unable to have their babies and lose the joy of life in depression and anxiety. There are some effective treatments available. People are still unaware of these. We usually talk about women's sterility but on the other hand, men also suffer from sterility issues. ICSI is one of the treatments that are popular for fertility in males. The cost of ICSI treatment in Nepal is affordable. The process of treatment is less time-consuming and convenient. In the process single sperm is injected into the egg of a woman.  The cost of ICSI treatment in Nepal makes it famous.

ICSI Treatment cost in nepal 

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) treatment is highly in demand in Nepal. Many clinics in Nepal are offering ICSI treatment. Patients who failed in IVF treatment can go for ICSI. The technique of ICSI treatment is much similar to IVF. The procedure of ICSI treatment:

  • Stimulation of ovaries

Doctors stimulate the ovaries with the help of Fertility medication. This process will help ovaries to produce the best quantity and quality eggs.

  • Retrieval of egg 

Through an ultrasound doctor examines eggs. The process needs the togetherness of eggs.

  • Selecting sperm

The doctors collect sperm. Sperm sent to the lab there experts analyses the quality of sperm and high-quality sperm will select. The selection will be base on the terms of containing Hyaluronan (HA).

  • Assessments of egg

Doctors examine the maturity of eggs and the collection of sperm in ovaries.

  • Insemination 

A single sperm is injected directly and deliberately into the egg of the mother.

After the insemination process doctors monitor the fertilization of egg and sperm and the formation of an embryo. It takes approximately 18 hours. 

When to select ICSI

Doctors examine the patient thoroughly to find the root cause of infertility. Doctors recommend ICSI when:

  • Men are facing infertility issues and are unable to find any solution.
  • The doctor examines the couple at the very first point to know the reason for impotence. If the doctor finds a low sperm count in men then ICSI is highly effective.
  • If the male is facing no sperm count in the semen. The doctor advises ICSI and donor sperm or collects the sperm from the reproductive tract of men with the help of minor surgery.
  • After the screening of a couple, the reason for infertility is not identified or unexplained by doctors then ICSI is recommended.
  • The shape, size, and normality of sperm are very important in successful fertilization.  Abnormality of sperm causes infertility ICSI treatment can help in this situation.
  • If women have blocked fallopian tubes so treatment can help as the method is directly injected single sperm into the egg of a woman. 
  • If failed in multiple IVF cycles. Doctors advise the ICSI treatment because it has a greater success rate than IVF or any other fertility treatment.

Cost of ICSI in Nepal

ICSI treatment is reasonable and prominent in the clinics of Nepal. The cost of ICSI treatment in Nepal is between NPR 3, 00,000 to NPR 5, 00,000. The cost of ICSI treatment depends on various factors such as:

  • If a patient is interested in the donor. Donor’s egg and sperm facilities are available in the clinics of Nepal. This charge extra and increases the total cost of the treatment.
  • Variety of screening can influence the total cost
  • Failing in the treatments affects the charges. Doctors will advise you to opt for another treatment or repeat the entire process of treatments.
  • Modern techniques like TESA or PESA, needs then the total cost will increase.
  • The cost of ICSI treatment in Nepal will depend on the budget. The patient can afford the advanced methods and it will not affect the financial conditions.

The cost of the treatment relies on the clinic you choose for your treatment. If the clinic is famous among people, then they may be charged more. Still, the cost of ICSI in Nepal treatment in Nepal is much in the pocket compared to other fertility clinics.

The success rate of ICSI treatment in Nepal

The success rates of ICSI treatment are high in Nepal compared to other treatments. In Nepal, many clinics have cured male infertility. This treatment helped many couples to getting their dream come true. The success rate of ICSI treatment in the clinics of Nepal is around 60%.  The success rates of ICSI treatment depend on multiple factors such as the use of donor egg and sperm, modern techniques, age of the patient, previous treatment, and reason for sterility.

Benefits of ICSI treatment in Nepal

Choosing ICSI treatment can be an advantage for infertile couples. The treatment avails multiple benefits such as:

  • Affordable

 The ICSI treatment cost in Nepal is very affordable. They provide various services at one place (the clinic).

  • Best clinics

The clinics in Nepal are best. The clinics offer well-equipped equipment and a helpful medical team.

  • Success rate

The success rates of clinics in Nepal are high.

  • Donor facility

The clinics in Nepal provide the facility of the donor. The patient is interested in the egg or sperm of the donor. They can have it by paying some extra charges.

  • Natural process

After the fertilization, the embryo formed. Further, the whole pregnancy would be natural with no specific need for treatments.

  • Time saver

ICSI treatment consumes less time compared to other fertility treatments.


The ICSI treatment cost in Nepal and various factors make ICSI famous among sterile patients. ICSI treatment may be on top of fertility treatments in men. The ICSI treatment in Nepal is cheaper. The cost and success of the ICSI treatment in Nepal differentiate it from the rest of the treatments.