Virgin Atlantic Airlines provides a variety of fascinating services to its passengers in order to provide a more safe and pleasant experience of the journey.

It provides the perks of the journey to the passengers by making them available with customer support service at each step of the journey. Let's see Virgin Atlantic Manage Booking process.

Virgin Atlantic Manage Booking

Here are the steps to manage your booking with Virgin Atlantic Airlines:

  • Go to the official site of Virgin Atlantic Airlines and log in to your airline booking account.
  • Go to the Manage My booking section. From there you can make desired changes to your flight.
  • If your ticket will be eligible for free modification then you need not pay any additional charge otherwise you have to pay the balance fee.
  • Virgin Atlantic Airlines manage booking section allows the passengers to perform the following alteration in a booked ticket:

Passengers can cancel their flight or change their flight. Also, the rebooking of the flight is allowed at the cost of cancellation. I can request a refund for a canceled flight. It allows for modifying the information of passengers on a booked flight ticket. Passengers can change the date of their flight. They can retrieve the details of their previous booking.