Thermostatic Faucets can also be called thermostatic faucets or thermostatic mixing faucets. Its function is to automatically mix cold water and hot water into warm water with a preset temperature. The thermostatic faucet can automatically balance the water pressure of cold water and hot water in a short period of time through the thermostatic adjustment valve core that comes with the faucet, so as to maintain the stability of the outlet water temperature without manual adjustment.

Ordinary faucets need to manually control the opening of hot and cold water to adjust the temperature of the outlet water. Use occasions: Thermostatic faucets are suitable for occasions that require high temperature control accuracy, such as showers. Ordinary faucets are suitable for all occasions, such as washbasins.

What are the benefits of thermostatic faucets?

It is easy to use, warm water can be used when you open the faucet, especially in cold winter, you can see its benefits. And relatively quick-heating faucets are also safer. Many thermostatic faucets have over-temperature protection, so more people choose. Recommend 38℃ thermostatic faucet, touch screen control, second-speed constant temperature, adjustable water temperature and flow rate, you will know it is easy to use after you try it.

What are the advantages of thermostatic showers?

(1) Safety The constant temperature shower will not be hot and cold. It can limit the output of ultra-high water temperature and hot water to prevent scalding. Moreover, the water temperature can be set to fluctuate within 2 degrees Celsius to improve safety.

(2) Comfortability Users do not need to adjust the water temperature, which is more comfortable and convenient.

(3) Durability adopts embedded sealing structure, which is not subject to environmental restrictions such as water supply pressure difference, and does not require frequent debugging, which improves durability.

(4) Energy saving does not require frequent debugging and avoids waste of water, so it is more energy and water saving.

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