Many companies across the globe have already embraced the work from home culture and are investing in the work from home technology solutions.

When it comes to the work from home technology solutions, work from home portal solutions can play a significant role in making it easier and more efficient. If you run an organization and are wondering how a work from home portal solution can help you streamline your workflow, here’s a post for you.

Benefits of a Work from Home Portal Solution

1. Helps Manage Employees and Their Data

An employee portal is also a kind of work from home technology solution that helps an organization manage the employees better. By providing individual employees with easy and secure access to your employee portal, you can simplify the management of employees.

Individual employees can easily log in to the employee portal by entering their credentials. They can view their relevant information like total leaves, leaves taken, the status of leave applications, allocated tasks, completed tasks, daily worked hours, daily logged hours, etc.

This comprehensive and centralized view of all the information pertaining to an employee helps reduce the burden on the HR department. Employees don’t need to call or email the HR team to know various small details now and then.

At the same time, it also helps the HR team track each employee’s work progress, daily worked hours and logged hours, leaves taken, and other relevant details. It eliminates the need for spreadsheets to maintain individual employees’ records. The HR team also gets help to calculate each employee’s monthly salary and track their annual performance to decide on the appraisal or bonus (if applicable). It also reduces any confusion or errors on both the HR’s and employee sides and helps bring both the HR team and employee on the same page.

2. Helps Manage Customers’ Data Securely

Customers’ data is highly sensitive, and it is a must for any organization to protect it from any kind of leakage or theft. If your employees manage the customers’ data in separate spreadsheets or physical files, managing it remotely can be cumbersome. There are also chances that a customer’s data on an employee’s system or in files may get lost, deleted, or misplaced.

This may be a huge problem for both you, your employees, and of course - your customers. It won’t only delay or hamper your internal operations related to the client in your organization but also impact your credibility in your customers’ eyes.

Further, providing customers with a portal to generate a service request, raise a complaint ticket, or place an order, helps your internal team respond and schedule the activities accordingly. Customers can easily track the progress of their complaint tickets or service request right from within the portal. You don’t have to inform your customers about the progress of their requests or orders over the phone or via email.

3. Helps with Centralized Knowledge Management

Every stakeholder in an organization requires access to a different type of data and knowledge base. Your sales team may also need to stay abreast of the latest developments in products and services. For that, they need access to product manuals, details of enhancements and new releases, etc. Your customers may need access to user manuals, FAQs, knowledge base articles, tutorial videos, etc.

A work from home portal can help you collect all the required knowledge base, troubleshooting guides, and user manuals in one place. You can then choose to provide a particular type of user (sales team, customers, etc.) with access to the information they need through a secure individual log-in to a knowledge portal.

If you are also looking to get help in centralized knowledge management, CRMJetty brings you the configurable and scalable web portal solution. With the support for dedicated space, payment gateways, invoicing and accounting, and more, this portal solution has got all that you seek in an ideal portal.

4. Helps Digital Event Management

Digital or virtual events are replacing physical events, meetings, or training sessions. If HR needs to arrange any such training session, event, or meeting, they can always notify about it via a reminder from within the portal. They can also request the employees to confirm their presence from within the portal itself. This helps manage digital events faster and easier as it helps avoid the hassle of calling or emailing every employee individually to inform them about any upcoming event, session, etc.

5. Helps Secure Sharing of Documents

With different departments requiring access to different documents per their requirements, it becomes difficult to share them via email or fax. There are also chances that it may lead to mistakes in sharing. A better way is a portal where you can upload all the documents and share the relevant ones with each internal department or stakeholders like vendors, partners, affiliates, etc., securely.

How Can CRMJetty Help?

If you want help setting up a work from home portal solution to manage your employees’, customers’, and other stakeholders’ data efficiently, CRMJetty can be your best development partner. CRMJetty offers the best portal development service for your organization.

We have our ready-to-integrate web portal solution that you can start with as your organization’s work from home portal. You can also request customization in our portal solution to fit your business logic. If you want a portal exclusive to your organization, our development team can do that too for you. Our developers will collect your requirements, analyze them, match them with our portal’s features, and plan a roadmap. If a few customizations are enough, we can do them for you. If your requirements vary largely, we can build a portal from scratch for you.

So, let’s join hands to get you your work from home portal!