The insurance industry is referred to as cumbersome and very opaque in the ways of managing policies and processing claims.

These image of the industry need a tectonic shift through innovation and digital transformation. Dynamics 365 Customer Portal is the answer to the complex world of insurance.

These portals link insurers and policyholders, increasing the customer experience, operational advancements, and ease of insurance for all parties.

Let’s understand how Dynamics 365 Customer Portal is disrupting the insurance industry.

List the Challenges in the insurance industry

  • Trust Factor
  • Information for Policyholders
  • Limited Self-service & Support for Customers
  • Inconsistent Customer Experience
  • Extended Query Resolution Time

How customer portal is useful in the insurance industry

Dynamics 365 Customer Portals, in particular, bring a comprehensive set of features to tackle the distinct challenges faced by insurers and policyholders. Here’s a closer look at how these portals are transforming the insurance sector:

  • No-Code / Low-Code Solution
  • Faster Market Entry
  • Mobile-First Portal Design
  • Case Deflection
  • Case Management
  • Document Management
  • Advanced Features

Features of customer portal

The Dynamics 365 Customer Portals streamline operations, boost customer engagement, and provide unparalleled support and flexibility to insurance providers and their policyholders. Let’s explore these features more closely:

1. No Code / Low Code Page Builder

2. Role-Based Access

3. Access to Unlimited CRM Objects

4. Advanced Data Widgets

5. Workflow Automation

6. Easy Forms, Lists, Menus, Templates

7. UI Editor

Overview of CRMJetty Dynamics 365 Customer Portal

Dynamics 365 Customer Portal by CRMJetty stands out as a solution meant for the modern demands of the insurance industry. It delivers one united customer journey, using all the inclusive features of Dynamics 365, to enable an insurance company to empower a smooth, instinctive experience that assures the space separating them from their clients is bridged.

One huge advantage of the portal is a no-code/low-code environment, using which insurers will be able to flexibly and quickly adjust to the market and regulatory environment without deep coding knowledge. This flexibility is one of the keys to keeping the company competitive and with high levels of customer satisfaction in today’s landscape.

Next in line is security. It is one of the most needed features of the insurance business and is extremely taken care of through features like Role-Based Access Control and Single Sign-on. It is all these features that ensure the sensitive data of customers is protected in a friendly way. And, by nature, the mobile-first approach puts every policyholder always closer to his information and services from any device at any time, thus driving even higher engagement and satisfaction.

Above and beyond any tool, Dynamics 365 Customer Portal from CRMJetty is a complete solution to assist insurers in serving their customers better, streamlining operations, and building a stronger, trust-based relationship with them.

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The advent of the Dynamics 365 Customer Portal marks a significant leap forward for the insurance industry, bringing it in line with the digital transformation sweeping across sectors worldwide. As we’ve explored, from simplifying the claims process to enabling easier access to policy information, the benefits of these portals extend far beyond operational efficiencies. These benefits are catalysts for building stronger, trust-based relationships with policyholders. If you want such a portal for your business, connect with us.

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