How to Calculate PCB Assembly Manufacturing Cost Breakdown?

Let China Topscom tell u, PCB assembly calculation has basically unified quotation rules in the industry, including PCB board production cost, component purchase cost, assembly cost, project cost, testing fee and subsequent logistics clearance service fee, etc. The China PCB manufacturing cost, flying probe test and PCB project cost will be included in the production cost of the PCB circuit board. When purchasing components, it is necessary to cover about 5% of the material loss due to disk loading such as resistance and capacitance and the loss of SMT patch; the assembly cost of SMT patch includes SMT and DIP post-welding, which is calculated separately according to the solder joint and process mode of the circuit board; engineering fees are generally charged for small batches of PCB Assembly, including the cost of process documents, steel mesh, SMT rewiring, etc. China printed circuit board assembly testing fees also need to be included, accounting according to the testing time of each PCBA board; in packaging logistics, special packaging materials and three anti-paint need to calculate the cost, in addition, according to the customer's transaction terms such as FOB, need to calculate additional customs declaration logistics and other expenses. 

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