Take all what Madden 21 coins RealTalk stated, add in -training teams, -position conflicts, -AI-logic discussions (the player that loses the position battle needs out, or a underutilized player demands a trade, somebody has a career year wants a new contract, for cases ) -more powerful OL play -dynamic audiences -training development. Nothing fancy, really, since the majority of this they accomplished in the early to mid'00's. Ugh, the only reason I'm buying is cause my Titans are great today. I believe the last one I purchased was 19, I am honestly completely content just buying every additional year, or even 3 occasionally, I believe the one I bought before that has been 16. I hate to support the bullshit copy paste thing that they do year to year but I don't think my $60 is gonna really make a difference. Did anybody notice running the chunk is wildly easier this season?

I truly don't understand what important improvements and differences that you people were expecting. There is not even a football season happening. These devs have been in the home for months . Even if they were able to go to work, they all had to stay 6 ft apart while attempting to put this game together. There was just so much they can do. I'm surprised a game came out in any way. My bum. Even if they are, why are they releasing a half baked game at $60 when they are"focusing on next gen." Its fucking scumbag behavior. Since they did so to get m15 too. You'll receive it for free on next gen. All businesses are being made to make their late old gen releases totally free to get new gen so companies aren't gonna put much resources into a soon to be obsolete game. Would not make sense. They have announced some huge items for next gen already and more will surely be announced too. Again it's happened before. It is what they're doing.

When these updates are complete shit, it was crazy to assume they may actually build worthy elements into an already created game. This is shit that frankly should not have even been TAKEN from the match. The true evaluation of EA's commitment in the fans is following year's game to find out if the advertising is centered around Franchise. Hand select your very own offensive, defensive and special teams coordinators for an authentic experience never before seen in a football simulation". Could use bogus names and maybe have retired players develop into training pool after a couple of decades.

This literally was from the match a decade before, I believe that there were fake names as part of the coaching pool (past the real HC/OC/DC/ST for each group ), then as you played your franchise, retired gamers could appear at the"FA coaches" pooland get hired as a coordinator or HC. As a kid once old players started to become coaches that is who I purely hired. I remember I played a madden back then in which you could hire coordinators but I do not think you might have seen them on the field. 2k5 sounds right. There was an ea hockey game back then let you hire and fire coaches. You can in Madden too. I think that it's since they're developing these attributes for Next Gen consoles simultaneously. Additionally, they want a significant franchise near Thanksgiving to get Madden 21+PS5 bundles.

I was hopeful they would fix it but 3 months for UI updates they even acknowledge that fans have been wanting for years is a sad excuse for its giant that's madden. And that is only since the community finally went nuclear after 10 decades of asking for these things politely. If not one of the recent outcries happened, I guarantee none of these (or potential ) upgrades would even have been a discussion. 'Targeting' - by late October it'll be"XYZ happened, it is gonna be delayed". Then, I wager by holiday season, PS5 will be out and they'll state the new franchise attributes will be included on next gen consoles. Hey! We also have to check out a playoff bracket by the time the actual NFL playoffs are just about to cheap Mut 21 coins start!