Brother Printer All Lights Flashing – This usually happens when your Brother printer interrupts your printing session. A continuous blink or flashing light is a signal that the printer is not working properly. When your printer encounters a red position, amber paper, drum light, all the lights flash together, the printer turns off and then turns on again without any reason. An error message appears on the display screen which says “LED lights flash together”. Also, you should not put printer safety at risk and follow these solution steps to solve your printer error. Help.




Effective solution to solve all the LED lights of brother together:

Brother Printer All Lights Flashing – At this point when each light is blazing simultaneously, turn off the printer power, hold for 5 seconds, and then turn on the printer control once again.

There are various ways to handle this error. But complexity can give you stress and anxiety. So it is better to stay on the blog to avoid unwanted troubles. Else Brother Printer troubleshooting Number is a better idea to deal with such situations.

  • Turn off your brother printer.
  • Press and hold the GO button for a few seconds. Also, turn on your printer.
  • Release the GO button until the toner light flashes.
  • Press the GO button once more until the paper light turns on.
  • Now release the button and check if the problem has occurred.
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Brother HL-5370DW – All the lights shine together

There is a brother HL-5370DW that all the lights went flashing. According to the place of repair of a printer I called, they said that it usually means either a power supply or a main board space is needed. Brother  says that its warranty has expired, however the serviceman gave me the impression that Brother had some issues with these issues and extended the warranty on some things.

Id just take it to a place of repair, but the nearest place I can find is more than an hour away. So I thought I could do a little research to see if I could do it myself – the ones that lead me to this place.

So it appears, I need to know how to test the power supply for the printer, to know what is bad or not, and if not, I think a main board for it Is the order of I hoped to find some more information online, but I guess I am not surprised that there is much to be found.

Any suggestions for finding information about the best way to proceed with the diagnosis, testing the power supply, or input?

Currently, when you power on the printer, the fans come on, the lights on the display light are normal, then they go out and then the status light turns green for a split second, and then they all start flashing.

Brother HL-21702130 – All four lights flashing

All four lights flashing on Brother HL-2130 mean severe printer flaws. You can find out what the real problem is by pressing the Go button on the printer.

  • Lights on the printer must be changed:
  • A bus error light means a main PCB failure.
  • Bus toner light means failure of the fuser unit.
  • Just drum light means laser unit failure.
  • Toner and error light mean main motor failure.
  • Toner and drum light mean high voltage failure.
  • Drum and error light means fan failure.
  • Toner, drum and error light mean zero cross failure. Unfortunately this means contacting brother for repairs.

Grab 24 * 7 Brother Printer Customer Support Number for immediate solution:

If the LED lights are flashing together, there is a problem, then call our Brother Printer Customer Service Number + 1-800-436-0509. Here we offer hands-on information to solve the problem. Apart from this, our support team will also guide you which solution will be better. Call now, take advantage of this opportunity and relieve you of stress.