On account of the increase of Buy nba 2k20 mt coins microtransactions along with the insane market share that 2K holds because of the, do you anticipate NBA 2K20 price to decrease? So that I would love some input I'd love to hear your thoughts, this can be for a University project! No. Despite what people that mindlessly call everything"socialism" wish to believe... that's not even how Capitalism works. Companies will try to earn the maximum profits potential. Don't see any reason that they would earn more cash lowering price of core merchandise. Wouldn't be surprised if they delved into season passes or expansions or microtransactions or whatever else to try to milk customer for more.

What does socialism have to do with this, and why would a philosophical believe the price of a successful, rewarding game would decrease? From a capitalist view point that the only way the cost would or should decrease is the price is too high and lowering the price would bring in more consumers and boost earnings, or the gains generated motivates rivals and the price must be reduced to compete. Phrasing of question. Seems to suggest company is making more money than it knows exactly what to do with. So would that equate to passing consumer savings. Can it"trickle down?"

Perhaps that's how it read to me. But definitely thought it seemed to function under the exact same guise. And make no mistake, I am not against Capitalism. But most times"capitalism" is used now, it doesn't actually care about principles of capitalism, and is only parroted rhetoric coming from big business seeking to push some deregulation plans. Lol - do not get me started on Neutrality. But actually was hoping to become political. Just really. That they will, if more can be made by a Company by providing you less than or charging you more.

It's not a political discussion - I only found it ironic that you are criticising capitalists for phoning everything socialism when it is not, but go on to discuss trickledown economics when it isn't relevant here nor is capitalism or socialism (or at least, some other socialist-style system being recommended today) really relevant to pricing decisions beyond the effects of the taxation systems in the nation in which the provider operates. In either financial systems, a corporation will nonetheless attempt to create as much profit as you can - if it utilizes those profits to return to shareholders, to cover employees and execs, to invest in R&D or to make NBA 2K20 cheaper is up to the company. The pricing decision is to maximise profits, which is always the goal for a profit orientated company.

Okay fair enough, I know that the implication in the question you're addressing and there's no reason to consider that a company would reduce costs for those reasons, however trickle down economics does not say that costs will decrease on the grounds of an increase in profits, it is that an increase in earnings will lead to greater economic output as firms can employ more people, put more money into research. The declines in price comes into a rise in profitability and the marketplace as a consequence of new entrants. Obviously that does not happen and the cash is retained by the execs but the prices of products are not expected to mt for sale 2k20 decrease due to the good will of the company.