To ensure your project requirements are fulfilled through a web portal, you must have enough features to help you with that. Custom web portals are the best way to have features that suit your business and customer needs, but some features need to be in your custom web portal.

In this blog, I have mentioned some web features that guarantee your niche, business, and customer requirements are fulfilled. These features will ensure security and a top-notch experience.

What Features Does Every Custom Web Portal Need?

Starting from listing down the requirements to actually having them in your portal is a complex process if done without experts.

At CRMJetty, we ensure quality services with suitable guidance from the beginning to serve you the best custom web portal with all features to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Below are some ‘must-have’ features in your custom web portal curated by the company that aces at portal development:

1. Interactive Dashboard

This comes without saying. The homepage is the first thing a shopper will see when logging into your business’s web portal. Here, you want to ensure that the homepage is neat with smooth navigation, has information in the proper place, and is highly interactive. Keep the contact information properly visible. Keep self-service options constantly visible on the screen. Don’t make your customers work to find the menu or products they want; thus, always include a search bar with a voice input option.

You can even let your customer choose their dashboard theme. Give them a section to have their bookmarked products or wish list. Include such features to make the dashboard exciting and interactive.

This way, you can make an interface suitable for technical and non-technical users.

2. Self-Service Tools

Self-service is a mandatory service to be provided and expected from businesses. Users mostly prefer the luxury and comfort of finding the answers to their questions without waiting for another human to respond to them on business days.

Here, providing self-service is the best option to let customers solve their queries through given resources at their convenience and save your service reps from mundane tasks like explaining ‘how to change password’ multiple times a day to customers. It will boost their productivity too.

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