If you are wondering why is my uber account disabled then let us tell you that there are several reasons for that but you do not need to worry as this blog is going to provide you with a guide using which you can reactivate your account on uber. 

Steps to reactivate disabled uber account on the users – 

    1. For the first step the users need to sign up by visiting the official account of uber and for this the users need to use a friend’s number and a new email address. 
    2. Now, users need to download uber app and then using the same mobile number the users need to open an uber account. 
    3. Users will get an OTP after which they need to tap on forget password option for the users. 
  • Using that link users need to change the password and then go for logging into their account using the login details. 
  • In settings the users now need to fill in their number which has been deactivated and then fill the OPT they got and that’s it, the users now have the access of their banned account. 

Now, the users do not need to worry about can uber deactivate your account as whenever such thing happens they can use the steps which we have provided for them today to get back their account on uber.