Considering buying a disc harrow to add to farm yield? Looking for the best disc harrow prices and features from the top brands? Here are top disc harrow choices from top brands to consider.



This compact disc harrow from Sonalika is a fuel-efficient, economical farm implement with 65-135 HP power that helps efficiently in removing weeds, tilling and preparing the soil. Sonalika disc harrow price starts from INR 15,000, which is quite affordable for Indian farmers.


This is another highly fuel-efficient, performing disc harrow that gives efficient farm work with its 30-45 HP implement power, making it ideal for breaking clods, superficial ploughing, and preparing soil bed. The Fieldking Dabang Disc Harrow price is INR 43999.



Farming Hydraulic disc harrow is another favourite, fuel-efficient, performing implement that has 115-235 hp suitable for ploughing, preparing the soil, and mixing organic substances evenly. Given its features, the price of this disc harrow is quite reasonable.



This tractor-compatible, stable disc harrow with 35-55 HP is ideal for preparing the soil for shoving or shattering lumps in the soil during ploughing. It's reasonably priced, given its features and performance on the field.



This is a robust harrow ideal for working on the toughest ground surfaces and terrains. Its 90-150 hp helps in breaking soil lumps, ploughing, and mixing organic content well off. This harrow is also reasonably priced, given the performance and result it delivers.


These were the top 5 disc harrow choices to consider from top brands that can help add to your farm productivity. Enquire the latest disc harrow prices from the nearby dealers now!