Electronic payment services are classified into online payment, telephone payment, mobile payment, terminal point-of-sale transaction, ATM transaction and other electronic payment according to the way of issuing electronic payment instructions.

1.Online Payment

Online payment is a form of electronic payment. In a broad sense,online payment processors online payment is based on the Internet and uses some digital financial tools supported by banks, which occur in the financial exchange between buyers and sellers to realize the process of online monetary payment, cash flow, fund settlement and query statistics from buyers to financial institutions and merchants, thus providing financial support for e-commerce services and other services.

2.Telephone Payment

Telephone payment is an offline form of e-commerce payment that can be realized in the form of teaching, which refers to the way consumers choose to use the telephone (landline, cell phone, SmarTone) or other business-like telephone terminal equipment, multi purpose steam mopand can invest directly from their personal development bank accounts to complete the payment through the network banking management system.

3.Mobile payment

Mobile payment is a new type of payment method that uses mobile devices to complete payment behavior through wireless means. The mobile terminal used for mobile payment can be a cell phone, PDA, mobile PC, etc.

Online payment refers to the use of secure electronic payment means by all parties to electronic transactions, including consumers, manufacturers and financial institutions, to make monetary payments or fund circulation through the network. There are three main categories. One is electronic money, such as e-cash and e-wallet. Among them, electronic cash is a kind of money circulating in the form of data. It converts the cash value into a series of encrypted data sequences through which the monetary value of various transaction amounts in reality is represented. Users can accept electronic cash for purchases by setting up an account at a bank that conducts cash operations and depositing money into that account. Electronic cash transactions are similar to physical cash in that the transactions are anonymous.

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