LED advertising machine itself application emphasis on precision, face recognition identification kiosk convenience, in the complicated network environment and harsh outdoor environment can run stably for a long time, and through the LED screen display, a wealth of information model, and at the same time with scalability, low cost, stability, flexibility and strong security, more information per hour, the particularity of the diversification of information, information to bring a lot of ascension. , on the other hand, as a new media, LED advertising machine utilization rate is high, easy to maintain, high safety, operators need not to each terminal equipment or facilities to upgrade or update one by one, by intelligent control, remote control, release program, status query, fault alarm, etc., can be remote monitoring and positioning.
As a result, for wisdom city construction LED advertising machine function, grow into terminal display LED advertising machine can realize the fast transmission and receiving information, satisfy the high requirements for information dissemination of the masses. In practice, LED advertising machine can be flexible application to various environment, conducive to the popularity of informational dynamics, and through the clever docking with the Internet, can realize the specialization of information transmission, specialization, and promote the wisdom of the application scenario to upgrade. In addition, LED advertising machine also can connect a variety of environmental monitoring equipment, can know the weather data at any time by the sensor, the information release. As the market for LED facial recognization camera advertising machine terminal awareness is higher, the greater the potential applications of the market will naturally. Just from the point of the current development speed, for the rapid expansion of the market, many enterprises in the industry is extremely bullish on the development of LED advertising machine, as the layout of outdoor display out standing in the way.
From LCD digital signage to LED upgrade in the business market have more market share, and LED advertising machine under the new business model into their own blue ocean market, and follow the commercial tide, and the wisdom of the urban construction, with the deepening development of industry application is also more lively. Whether you actually I still pair, is not "a flash in the pan", because in the face of the future according to the market, it must be closer to the user more with market demand, business market is hot, in the final analysis or business products in the mature technology of step by step, how to temperature screening kiosk carry out the research and market demand under the match to economic recovery in the outbreak seize the chance and opportunity for the business development. And in epidemic prevention and control under the normalized back, no contact shows demand in business market will become more and more big, compared to the traditional static advertising and inefficiency of digital signage, they upgrade path also show market will inevitably drive the business further.