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  • touch screen kiosk
    In the world of retail banking, mobile phone and Internet banking digital whiteboard price are emerging. Now small and medium-sized Banks and financial institutions will be transferred to the smaller branches, in the process, digital sign may be the beneficiary.Provide entertainment experience, alleviate anxiety in line. Bank business hall in the digital signage can display the...
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  • outdoor digital signage displays
    Past we mentioned, according to the first to think of more smart whiteboard price likely to be LED display screen, joining together the new display mode, and with the development of the Internet era, the traditional way of security dispute, especially this year LED display "black" broadcast events happen some bad information, also began to emerge. Security and touch screen digital...
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  • interactive whiteboard prices
    At present, around the city all set off a wave of the construction of wisdom, a lot of industry affects directly or indirectly, and showed the industry as a field of a more direct docking city wisdom, also usher in a new development, especially the thermal imaging camera outdoor touch screen digital sign the application for the gripper with wisdom, easy installation and maintenance,...
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  •  temperature screening kiosk 
    LED advertising machine itself application emphasis on precision, face recognition identification kiosk convenience, in the complicated network environment and harsh outdoor environment can run stably for a long time, and through the LED screen display, a wealth of information model, and at the same time with scalability, low cost, stability, flexibility and strong security, more...
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  •  face recognition identification
    In LCD and LED all have their obvious advantages, has become an facial recognition thermometer important measure of the cost. This is from in service life, power consumption, between resolution and spread about the price. On the service life of the typical life of the LCD from 30000 to 60000 hours, or 3.4 to 6.8 years, requires less initial investment. But the current entry-level leds...
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  • touch screen digital signage
    "Difference period" after the national new construction vigorously Interactive digital signage promote and outbreak time no contact with the development of economy, business, government, transportation, education, medical and other fields will speed up the intelligent, digital transformation, intelligent digital display terminal has become the industry in the indispensable basic...
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