See a wide range of various whitening, anti-cavity, 去牙漬牙膏fresh breath, down fire, anti-allergy toothpaste companies  can not know how to choose their own.

First of all, the most used is the addition of fluoride, the main component of the tooth is hydroxyapatite, fluoride ions in contact with hydroxyapatite will form fluorapatite, this substance is stronger and more stable than hydroxyapatite root, so that it can resist the attack of food and acid-producing bacteria. If your teeth are decaying, don't expect to use anti-cavity agents; a visit to the dentist to get the decay fixed is paramount.

Anti-sensitive toothpastes, at present, can mainly be used to reduce the sensitivity of the dentin by performing the sealing of the dentinal tubules or reducing the ability of the tooth nerve to respond to external environmental stimuli. One of the reasons why teeth become sensitive is the excessive development of enamel wear leading to dentin exposure, or the exposure of student pressure roots (dentin on the outside) due to gum recession, which can lead to tooth sensitivity. The perennial wear and tear of the teeth and poor brushing and dental methods and approaches can affect causing some sensitivity in the society.

At present, we are familiar with the anti-allergy effect of good toothpaste are foreign laboratory products, GlaxoSmithKline's comfort up to anti-allergy toothpaste, and Colgate professional anti-allergy toothpaste.

Refreshing breath and down fire, I think I should be carried out to categorize as gum care. Maybe there is a toothpaste market with a compound that adds the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect of some companies of students for the specific flora of the periodontium. Most of the people who have bad breath and fires bother us think that they are actually gum and periodontal problems, and gum and periodontal are "chronic diseases", which are the result of perennial influencing factors, eliminating this environmental problem of social research in addition to maintaining a fresh mouth, it is best to go to a professional dental cleaning regularly for calculus, which is more effective than just This is more effective than just hope in toothpaste.

Besides whitening, there are two means of toothpaste whitening in China at present. One is the physical teaching method, and one is the chemical study method to carry out or through a combination of the two ways. The physical study method is divided into two kinds, the first case is the trade friction. There is a large part of toothpaste is abrasive, mainly calcium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, silicon dioxide, the strength of the abrasive friction can be judged using the RDA value (the international community common technical standards), the higher the RDA value friction effect is better.

In another physical whitening method, i.e. light whitening, for example, some toothpastes are blue (containing certain substances), and the tooth surface is dyed blue (not obvious to the naked eye) after brushing, and people see that the teeth look white.

Another whitening method is mainly a chemical whitening, that is, through the analysis of chemical reactions to oxidize the tooth surface discoloration, now the most used is hydrogen peroxide, this cultural product technology in many foreign countries, domestic research is relatively rare, but also may be with the development of physical differences as well as related, many people use instead will lead to some sensitivity and other uncomfortable reactions.

Objectively speaking, any toothpaste market has the role of trade friction whitening. But why no teeth or brush not white. Figure out this social problem in China, we can may wish to look at the structure of the teeth.

Yellow teeth, depending on whether the cause is exogenous or endogenous, exogenous is attached to the surface of the teeth, this toothpaste can be used to brush away the pigment deposited on the surface, thus whitening teeth. Endogenous discoloration is derived from the inner part of the teeth, such as tetracycline teeth, fluorosis teeth, etc. Such teeth must not rely on brushing, and the real whitening effect needs to use dental technology, such as veneer whitening, cold light whitening, etc.

In conclusion, no matter which toothpaste cannot have the same effect as medication, no matter what the purpose is, it is best to visit a professional dental clinic once or twice a year for dental care.

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