What is Polar Fleece Blanket Fabric Manufacturers's microfleece?
Micro fleece is a special fleece. Pile fabrics are considered micro-pile if they weigh 200 grams per square meter (gsm) or less.

Microfleece is a popular wool option. It is used to make shirts, sportswear, sweaters, light outdoor clothing, light jackets, blankets and cape collar bathrobes.

Tip: Feeling the Lycra Spandex is too tight? For a breathable, warm and comfortable alternative, you can try outerwear and apparel made from microfleece.

Microfleece vs Fleece: How are they different?
Microfleece is not that different from polar fleece because it is still a fleece. They have the same fabric DNA - they are both synthetic and usually made of polyester.

However, you can differentiate synthetic microfleece from other types of fleece. This includes medium weight wools, heavyweight wools and textured wools.

Medium weight wools weigh 200-300 gsm, while heavyweight wools weigh 300 gsm or more. Textured fleece, on the other hand, is a special type of heavy fleece with a special pattern or embossed design on one layer or side of the fabric.

Compared to other types of fleece, micro fleece is the lightest and thinnest. While it may not offer as much insulation as other types of fleece, it makes up for it in terms of breathability.

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