Yahoo is a perfect email client for those who want ample storage and intuitive interface for free of cost. It can be easily installed in the form of an application on Android and iOS-based devices. Since Yahoo mail is a web-based platform, its user’s encounter the various type of technical issues from time to time. In the event, if your Yahoo mail not working on iPhone, feel free to use the following method to overcome this complex issue.


Method 1: Configure the SMTP Server


  • First of all, open the “settings” of your smart phone and select the option called “Accounts and Password”.
  • Next, select Yahoo>Account>“Outgoing mail server SMTP”.
  • Further, you need to access the settings by clicking the option- “Other SMTP server”
  • Make sure the hostname is will be filled with the following address.
  • “”
  • Next, provide your account details and enter the numbers such as 465 or 587 in the port’s field.
  • Now you are supposed to switch the toggle to the right in order to activate the SSL option.
  • Tap on the “Done” icon located at the top right section of the interface.
  • Lastly, reboot your phone and check if problem exists there or not.


Method 2: Add your Yahoo account again


  • Open your iPhone’s settings.
  • Select the “Accounts and Password” to get access of your account credentials.
  • Tap the same option again prior to the removal of the Yahoo account.
  • Now in order to add the Yahoo account again, select “Add account”>“Yahoo”


Call Yahoo customer service if you want to dominate email issues with ease


If your Yahoo webmail still remains unresponsive or shows some error code then don’t waste time on self-troubleshooting. In that event, it is advisable to avail help from an expert. Yahoo Customer care will show you the way on how to dominate email issues without much of an effort.