Devalia Safari Park is located at Talala Gujarat and it is the best place for those tourists who wish to ensure the sighting of lions in their natural habitat. In order to reduce human interference in the main area of Gir National Park, and facilitate tourists to better understand the importance of Gir and its varied wildlife, and interpretation zone has been developed at Devalia. It is comprised of 412 hectares of chain-link fenced area which represents GIr in a short, including all habitat types and all major wildlife present in the main sanctuary area.

The basic idea behind creating this facility is to offer an opportunity to view lions and other wildlife species in their natural habitat in a short and pressure on the main sanctuary area will get reduced. This interpretation zone has a healthy population of prey base in the form of Sambars, Chinkaras, Wild Boars, Blue Bulls, and Spotted Deer. This fenced area is a treat to the eyes of wildlife enthusiasts.

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