In Burning Crusade Classic, players need to upgrade to get more TBC WOW Classic Gold income at one time. Having a long flight is the way players like to show off. Hope these tips can help you get more gold. The most common predation is the more exciting way. Fight the opponent, defeat it, get the dropped items, and then sell the items to get a lot of gold. Of course, this requires us to examine the opponent's combat power and wealth. Choose an opponent that can be resolved within your own ability. Because it will fall, there will be a variety of different items at ordinary times. Large-capacity backpack space is a must-know for collecting professional players. Whether for sale or storage, a large backpack is always more useful. By creating a new second character, you can get extra rewards, and you can choose a few favorites and desired occupations, which will help players get gold. If you are a crafting professional character, then making consumables and items, and even making hot-selling products are ways to help players get more gold. Of course, if you choose to become a collector. It is a good choice to upgrade to level 70 to grow gold coin materials. The newly introduced mechanism of jewelry processing must be paid attention to. When you don't have enough time, although jewelry processing is not as simple as Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold For Sale, it is also a way to help players quickly obtain gold. Fishing is also a secondary occupation that can be considered for the second character. Both fish and water particles can be sold at a good price. The slowest but common and stable is to perform daily tasks, and the gold coins rewarded in the process of unlocking prestige and items are also exciting. Choosing the daily dungeon missions provided by Shattrath or other high-return missions depends on how the player chooses. more in: