The news of pregnancy brings joy to the expectant parents and their families which simply cannot be put to words. The anticipation for the new member makes everyone restless. Preparations for welcoming the baby begin quite early, with the family shopping for cots, toys, diapers, and even clothes.

But the desire to know the baby's gender dwells in the heart of the to-be parents. With a 4D sonogram in Midland, learning your baby's gender becomes easier than ever with an experience of a lifetime.

Ultrasound and Sonogram - Know the Difference

An ultrasound is a machine that is used to take pictures, and a sonogram is a picture generated by the ultrasound. Ultrasound is the entire process of diagnosis, while sonogram is the outcome.

The procedure is painless, which uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to capture images of internal organs of the body. The process is completely safe, devoid of any harmful radiation.

Ultrasound technology is widely used across the world for diagnostic purposes, including monitoring pregnancies. It is considered to be one of the best possible methods for determining a baby's gender and overall health.

Types of Ultrasound

With the advancement in technology, the facilities of Ultrasound have also developed over the last few decades. Nowadays, 2D, 3D, 4D, and even 5D sonograms are available to make the experience for parents almost realistic.

Gender reveal in Midland is now made trouble-free and exciting with the introduction of these variations.

  • 2D sonograms are the most basic form, well-known among all. It is the black and white image of the fetus that is usually received from the doctor during the initial stages of pregnancy. 
  • 3D sonograms are more detailed depicting the baby's features in 3D, as the name suggests. It gives a more realistic feeling to the parents by allowing them to see their baby’s face for the first time. Although 3D ultrasounds can be conducted at all stages, the recommended time is usually between 24 to 32 weeks of pregnancy. 
  • 4D sonograms are almost analogous to 3D sonograms. But what makes it more preferable is that instead of just showing still images, a 4D sonogram in Midland offers a glimpse of the movement of the baby inside the womb. Expectant parents are overwhelmed at the sight of their baby's motions.
  • 5D sonograms are ranked at the top of the chart, depicting the highest quality images of the baby with accurate details and rich colours.

These different options are here to make the process of gender reveal in Midland much more thrilling and emotional. 

Proper Care and Adequate Equipment 

The safety of the mother and baby are given utmost importance during the entire process. The latest machines are used for producing 2D, 3D, 4D, or 5D images of the baby as per the parents' request.

Not only do they show you the results live on-screen, but allow you to access the precious moment anytime through the cloud. See the start of a pristine union between the parents and the family with the unborn baby, all thanks to advanced ultrasound. Book an appointment now.