Not every residential or commercial pace owner has the time to maintain and care for the grass they wish to get in their paces. The most appropriate alternative is installing Fake Grass Melbourne instead. Now, the next thing that you need to figure out is whether to get it installed by a professional or DIY. 

Whether you are learning the professional's Synthetic Grass Installation Melbourne or it is your one-time DIY project for your home, having the right knowledge of installation is one of the important facets in the process. What could be a better way to learn if not from the mistakes? Well, we do not want you to make the mistakes but surely learn from the ones that are usually made like some listed below. 

Mistake 1: Inappropriate Base Material

The first and foremost thing that every installation needs to consider is choosing the right base for your fake grass. As if you failed to select the one that is right then, it would create a variety of problems later including the drainage issues.  

Mistake 2: Uneven Base

Fake grass or floor, the surface looks appealing when it is smooth and flat. Bumps and wrinkles would affect the visual appeal of the grass. So before installing the fake grass make sure to remove the unevenness of the base layer.

Mistake 3: Incorrect Measurements

Better if you double-check the measurements! As it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to measure your installation area at least twice, and from different directions along with the fake grass. There are high chances of room for errors in measurements.

Mistake 4: Failure To Install A Weed Membrane

If you want to keep the real weeds springing up in your artificial lawn, it is inevitable for you to install the weed membrane. Though one of the main benefits of having fake grass is that you no longer have to deal with weeds but not if you forget to install a weak blocker layer underneath your fake grass to discourage weeds.

Mistake 5: No or Inappropriate Sub-Base Installation

It is not like that you have the base and install the fake grass on it. If you are among the ones who believe this, then this mistake would save you from doing the wrong installation. There is a requirement of the sub-base installation and also accuracy is required to install it. 

Mistake 6: Installing Appropriate Edge Restraint

Firstly they are the reason your fake grass would be secured in a place. Secondly, they would prevent the sub-base and the course from collapsing at the edge. Make sure to choose the proper edging material to ensure quality.

Mistake 7: Cutting Seams Incorrectly

Given the shape and size of the space where you want to install the fake grass, you may need to join multiple rolls of grass together to cover it. Not cutting the seams correctly could create problems so, follow the Tennis Court Maintenance Melbourne instructions carefully.

Look out for these mistakes to do it right!

Source: Do Not Make These 7 Fake Grass Installation Mistake