The time demands a digital transformation of public schools to bring education running under many reputed companies like Amazon and Netflix. When you are talking about Personalized Learning, there will be an excess of supportive or criticized statements by children’s parents. They explain that it is only a strategy to replace teachers and extract data from children. Here, it would be best to learn about the most significant realities of controversial trends in K-12 education with some difficult questions asked by parents.

What Exactly is K-12 Personalized Learning?

The use of adaptive programs to maintain each student's skill level is called K-12 Personalized Learning. Sometimes, it is the systematic use of crucial digital data to take big decisions about grouping students in one place. Other schools focus on providing students with the projects they are working on and how they are displaying their work. Increasingly, personalized learning supporters depend on schools that nurture each child's social, emotional and physical development. Some look at these nebulous and scattered statements as cause to frustrate that personalized Learning will move to other short-lived reforms. Others are looking at it more positively. Some people have a different meaning for Personalized Learning, but it is essential after facing a severe pandemic outbreak these days.

What's Desire Behind Personalized Learning Movement?

They are widely speaking about the strategy that develops the learning experience for each student according to their unique skills, abilities, preferences, experiences and background.

The desire will improve a wide range of student outcomes, from engagement to achievement to well-being.

Personalized Learning is the type of education that has good teachers with a vision but can create a reality. It is a way to enact the pedagogy we believe in and kids to develop. There are dozens of personalized learning schools operated in many United States cities with its license to build and nurture child skills and education at kid-level to a higher standard.

Personalized Learning has mainly two primary wings – one has ended decades, and old philosophies explain how children learn. The engineering model of personalized Learning explains the efficient talent of academic content. The experts in older times map out what each child must understand, count what they know before the start, and create a decent path to learn the rest of the education. Other factors on personalized learning are developed in progressive education traditions. Learning happens when schools promote students interests and passions by giving them unique opportunities to ask questions, explore and take risks. Some experiments were carried in 1950 when teaching machines ask questions, and students will answer these questions and receive feedback instantly. Today, it has been seen in schools that project-based Learning is given priority for students. Like taking out big data to online collaboration and then posting it on social media to engage learners, the new way is flourishing among educators' recent days.

Where Did the New Idea for Personalized Learning Come From?

Technology has transformed other sectors like retail. It has taken the digital data form to learn more about individuals and their preferences. The technique will, later on, assist in targeting them with information, advertisements, and recommendations. Personalized Learning is a reflection of the process to apply the latest tools and ideas to education. This new model of education has left both teachers and students like unknown people inside the classrooms. In 2009, a business invested millions of dollars in the research and development of Personalized Learning. The U.S. Education Department has also given half a billion dollars to support the personalized learning trend and embrace districts to implement it via its competitive-authorized program called Race to the Top. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have given millions of dollars per year to support their vision of Personalized Learning, encompassing students' social, emotional and physical developments and academic Learning. States, companies and other public sectors are now backing it by their planned movement.

Do Personalized Learning Techniques Work?

Personalized Learning is known as a transformational way to improve public education and a promising idea. Ninety-seven per cent raising hands are telling that their schools are using digital technologies to Personalize Learning in some form or fashion. Some supporters have conveyed their thoughts and informed the people about this change in education and learning methodology which they hope from institutes. Some promoters point to research based on personalized learning building blocks that offer students differentiated instructions and real-time feedback.

Some personalized learning products under specific situations or circumstances bring promising and trusted results. Some researches may have few positive or adverse effects.

Personalized learning idea seeks to transform entire schools' academic activities and curriculum daily through digital techniques.


Personalized Learning is a strategy to convert school classrooms into a digital platform. You will get everything for your kids to learn and develop after engaging with the best online K -12 Personalized Learning platform where everything is taught through digital applications. eTAP is among such organizations that promote Personalized Learning to each student.

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