The Crucible is a great work of Arthur Miller, which speaks of redemption and forgiveness. The author described a conservative American town where the authorities accused women of witchcraft with the sole aim of showing how people’s prejudices could affect the others and how one could save one’s soul by refusing to lies. The play is very interesting due to its original plot and complex characters as well as important themes the author has raised. Personally, I have found the play to be completely wonderful due to its passionate ending and a plot that was intriguing throughout the work. The beauty of The Crucible lays in its simplicity because the play’s theme seems to be rather plain in the beginning. The Crucible depicts a conservative small town where people would rather believe prejudices than real facts, it tells about a reverend who worries about his daughter’s illness as well as a love affair with complicated consequences. The town comprises a considerable number of people who share similar problems and want to search for a scapegoat to blame for everything. The citizens also want to find an easy solution to everything that troubles them, but one has to admit that the real life does not provide people with easy solutions. Thus, citizens are in the middle of witch hunting when they try to determine and punish those whom they consider to be witches. The stupidity of such situation is obvious, but to the characters, such behavior seems to be completely normal and logical. Through that incident, the author showed how ridiculous people sometimes could be when they focus on one idea disregarding other pieces of evidence that contradict their views. Thus, that is one of the things that attracts people greatly to the play. While analyzing the absurdity of the situation depicted in the play, people are able to find parallels with their own lives. One can truly enjoy comparisons between some characters and their acquaintances or relatives, and these things show how strongly the play interconnects with the real life despite its unrealistic plot. The fact that such witch-hunting event was a historic occurrence only adds to the absurdity of the situation because it is rather difficult for a modern person to comprehend how anyone could accuse people of being witches or warlocks. The thing in the play that attracted my attention the most was the main idea expressed in the end. It was the idea of forgiveness and redemption. The tragic character of the play John Proctor refused to sign a confession that would save his life, and it transformed him into a person who tried to use magic and worshipped the Devil. Although Proctor received a death sentence because of his ultimate honesty, it showed that there were some much more important things than a mere existence. Through his death, John Proctor showed that the good name, faith and the ability to comply with one’s moral obligations were much more crucial than saving oneself by lying. Apparently, one should be able to tell the truth and answer to the consequences, although they may be very dreadful. In fact, it is the thing that defines a person and makes one worthy. It is also the only way for a person to cleanse their sins and truly find redemption. About the author: Arianna Palmer is working as a freelance writer at the Top-papers - service where all of you can buy article review online. She likes to spend her time by reading interesting books and articles so then she is able to find students with their book reports.