The global Olive Oil demand is projected to rise at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2020 to 2025, reaching USD 21200 million by 2025, up from USD 17080 million in the previous forecast period.

The olive oil industry is highly diverse, with demand distributed through developed and developing countries and realized across very different production processes, often within a single region. Olive oil is extracted regionally but traded globally; crushing operations are decentralized, while bottling has become increasingly centralized, with the strong involvement of multinational corporations. Around the same time, small bottlers with effective marketing campaigns are reaping the benefits of branding. Usage of olive oil is increasing, but consumption habits differ significantly in terms of quantity and consistency.




  • Olive Oil Composition
  • Volatile flavour components of olive oil
  • Factors affecting the formation of flavour components
  • Challenges
  • Scope




Food Research Lab can help you solve these problems related to the formulation of olive oils. FRL is for food and nutraceutical manufacturers as well as those companies involved in NPD and developing spec without manufacturing. FRL gives you the ability to improve all phases and aspects of new product development, such as original specification, ideation, shelf-life, and packaging. Additionally, you can get them out to market quicker than ever before.

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