Hello I am Zoe Smiith. Over the course of 7 years of my career, I have worked with multiple organisations and projects- financial industry, IT sector, fashion world and textile realm. During this tenure, I have encountered various kinds of content but my interest for textile and fabric manufacturers remains on top. Textiles have a rich history in India. From Ramayana to the British empire, Indian textiles especially silk, cotton, modal satin and linen have left their significance in every era. With my writing profession, I like to explore all this glory and charm while also informing others.
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  • Buy India’s Best Velvet Fabric
    Velvet's smooth feel and shimmer are two of the reasons it's so admired. Velvet fabric, which has long been associated with royalty, continues to exude a certain allure. The first velvet was woven from silk, but now many other fibres are employed due to the fabric's versatility. Although both cotton and viscose velvet are luxurious, the added breathability and sheen of cotton velvet...
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