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  • Google Play Store not working
    Google Play Store can not be opened Everything in this digital and social world revolves around Google and its various services and products. No one is deprived of the Google service and depends on Google for some of the other applications. Similarly, one of the Google applications for all smartphone users with Android is the Google Play Store. Let us tell you more about this feature of...
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  • wireless printer not working
    Printers are a popular and useful computer accessory too. Meanwhile, Windows 10 is an advanced and stable operating system, but it is not perfect. After upgrading to Windows 10, many users found that their printer is not working. The reasons may be different; maybe you are using a printer or an old driver, etc. Try these effective and direct ways to solve the problem of the printer that does...
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  • How to Update Gmail Password
    Google allows you to reset your updated gmail password by answering some security questions that you selected when creating your account for the first time. If you forgot the answer to the security questions, there are some additional ways to recover / reset your gmail password.
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