Whether you are looking for an apartment or single-family home or townhome properties, be prepared to spend lots of time online and drive around to see the most interesting places in person. Renting a property is a great way to save time and avoid hassles.



The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, storage and a floor plan should all be at the forefront. This will help you to visualize the layout. Avoid listing listings that are vague, such as "junior one-bedroom" or "open one-bedroom." 65 per cent renters need their preferred number of bedrooms. This is something that landlords are aware of and use creative descriptions to attract more tenants.

You should also know how safe the property feels. According to research, 75% of renters consider a safe area a must. While most landlords will tell you that the neighborhood is safe for tenants, it's important to do your research if you are new to the area.



Every renter considers additional amenities, beyond the basics of heating and kitchen appliances.

Renters are most likely to look for air conditioning, in unit laundry, plenty of storage, and private outdoor space. Other amenities that are desirable in a unit include hardwood floors, lots of windows, and updated kitchens.

Also, shared amenities such as parking, rooftop decks and fitness areas, outdoor spaces, swimming pools, bike storage, and outdoor space should be listed. You can have more info on house blogs on dealty.



Any policies that might be detrimental to your deal should be disclosed in the listing. Rules around pets (including certain breeds), maximum number of persons who can live in the unit and smoking, noise, and -- most importantly -- the lease terms and length. Also, find out if the landlord is located nearby or if they have a local property manager. If they are nearby, they will likely respond quickly to repair requests and general maintenance.


Clear Costs:

You should ensure that the landlord is very clear about the dollar and cents.

What is the monthly rent for?

What is the minimum deposit required? Is it refundable?

Are there any one-time charges?

Quality Photos:

Listings that include good photos and recent photos should be emphasized. You should look for listings that include interior and exterior photos, as well as photos of shared amenities. Be careful: You may be caught in a trap if the landlord claims that the photos are taken from a similar unit to the one you're actually renting. You're good to go once you have found a few listings with these details. It's easier to compare properties side-by-side, find deal-breakers, and identify areas where landlords might be willing to compromise. You can see properties and listed houses on Dealty as well.