FUT Draft players over the summer certainly experienced one such period, when EA dropped a repeatable FUT Draft Token Pack SBC and some pack and player objective rewards to keep fans engaged during the offseason. Draft became self-sustaining, with the cost of the token SBC usually paid for by the contents of 1-win rewards.

If you aren't sure you can regularly get three or four wins, we recommend prioritising other game modes most of the time, but keeping an eye on the transfer market to see when certain card types go up in value. When desirable upgrade SBCs are live, for instance, gold common or gold rare cards may be worth double their usual discard price, at which point even a mediocre FUT Draft run can be worthwhile.sell fifa 22 coins

A team with Neymar and Ronaldo up front will be potent whatever happens, but they won't feel as fast and dynamic if they have very low chemistry. Remember that a team with 100 total chemistry gets an additional boost, so it's worth putting in that 75-rated nobody at right-back if it gets you to that number. You can always sub him off at kickoff.

If you can hold your own in FIFA 22, then you might want to spend some time playing FUT Draft, because this unique game mode serves up some great reward packs for players who can make it through to the end. It's also a great training ground to try new cards and test your skills against competitive opposition.
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