While farming the plethora of items and materials in New World, players may wish to increase their inventory space. Gathering essential materials can quickly fill up a player's inventory, causing it to become over-encumbered. While running back to town to sell or store items is an option, this method will become problematic for New World players who perhaps need a load of materials for crafting or questing in mid to late-game.

New World houses are not the only thing you can buy with tons of cash. If you want the best New World weapons, you have to spend some coin on specific resources at any town’s trading post – which are shops where players can sell their unwanted equipment and desirable resources to make a profit. There are a couple of ways to make a fortune in New World, and while they’re both straightforward to execute, you also need to spend some time doing some rather mundane tasks.

Another way to obtain coins is from quests, so if you get bored of the more repetitive methods outlined below, you can always opt to finish tasks given to you by the townsfolk in each of the towns. All of the findings in this guide are based on the New World beta and may change as we approach the New World release date.cheap new world coins

While the overall selling price of these items fluctuates between towns and even servers, we’ve found several sources putting the Minor Rune of Holding’s market value at roughly 500 coins during the beta. This is double the amount of coin that you spend on buying it in the first place. The idea is to buy Minor Rune of Holdings, put them up for sale in the trading posts, and then accept some faction missions while you wait for the runes to sell. Runes of Holding at higher faction ranks sell for far more coins but require more time to earn faction tokens.
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