Whether you discover the FIFA franchise or you are a regular in FIFA Ultimate Team mode, here is our guide and our advice to get started on FIFA 22. Thus, we will present the main choices to achieve, the DCE to Do and to avoid as well as methods to quickly gain credits from the first days. The goal is to start building your team, getting credits and get you for the coming year.

What nation choose to start his season was?

The first big choice to achieve on the mode was to choose the nation for your starting pack. Indeed, EA offers you a pretty important pack including your first cards of the season. Nevertheless, you must choose the main nationality composing this pack. Thus, you will have the choice between nearly a dozen nations to compose your first team on was 22.

Our advice: Ignore small nations and focus on France , Brazil , England , or even Spain and Germany .

The advantage of these nations lies in the fact that they have many players in the different major championships but also that these nations are often useful in the first DCE (EQUIPE CREATIVE CHALLENGE).

Also note that Brazil and France can create training with many different leagues, which will give you more freedom and flexibility to evolve your first training was.

As a reminder, Germany via the Bundesliga was very interesting last year, with cheaper prices than in Premier League but much better DCE than for Serie A and Liga. If this year, the League 1 and the Premier League will be very meta via the arrivals of Mercato (both on the side of the PSG and Manchester United), the prices of the best cards in these two leagues will be particularly high.

Content of the first packs: what to keep and sell quickly

Thus, the main departure packs will be linked to the chosen nation and give you a lot of different cards. You will need to choose and sort your cards to see your options for credits (see the following chapters).

Some tips :

Do not dispose of any cards, even those you can not exchange Initially, keep your cards to realize the first DCE available (see more) As soon as the first DCE is completed, sell your unulaable maps of players of large leagues and nations (including France, England, Germany and Brazil) If you have a lot of chances and you get an excellent card in the first days (86+), wait a good week that prices are starting to increase to sell it. The first day, no one will have money to buy it Sell yourself and your icon if they are large nations / clubs (see below)

Overall, depending on the quality of the cards, you will have some techniques to remember. Indeed, bronze cards are selling very well, put them on sale as soon as you can. Do not hesitate to consult the following paragraphs to find out how to earn credits were on FIFA 22.

How to identify a good card at the beginning of FIFA 22?

The identification of a good card and what makes a card is meta is the subject of another article from our site, but we will discuss the basics here. Overall, a gold card will make value if it is playable. Thus, players generally favor stats like speed and physics to quickly determine if the card is usable at stake or not.

Therefore, here are some examples of value to identify whether a gold player can be usable at stake in a STARTER TEAM.

For a scorer (BU): speed (global), shot, physics and to a lesser extent the dribble For a central defender (DC): speed, defense and physics

Thus, an attacker at 77 but which has a good level of speed (86+), a shooting value greater than 80 and a physics at 75 or + will be more interesting (and therefore expensive at the launch of the game) that a Another attacker with a better level at the pass, defense and dribble but lower on the three values ​​listed above.

Sometimes some overall rating cards can see their price fly away if the values ​​are optimally placed. Thus, on the past edition of FIFA, the map of Mendy has remained for nearly two months above the 80,000 credits (source in English). In addition to its nationality and its club (France and Real Madrid) to easily link the map to different formations was, the global stats of the map have made an excellent player on FIFA 21. In addition, with 4 in technical gestures and 5 in Low foot, the card is simply incredible to just 83 overall rating.

Therefore, several factors are to be taken into account regarding the evaluation of the value of a card:

The combination of its stats: promote the values ​​following the meta of the game (especially the speed) Its nationality and league: the more you turn on great nations and major championships, the more the price will be important The number of stars in technical gestures and low foot: Although secondary early, these elements will make cards particularly attractive on key positions, including attack Finally, the features are also a big plus, especially for a player in attack. Faint shot, outside of the foot or powerful head are efficient and sought-after features by the best players on the offensive positions


Prepare your Starter Team and evolve it

The idea of ​​a Starter Team is to have a solid, correct team at each position, allowing you to easily win your team clashes but also to face other rival players.

Thus, we do not talk about players at 83+ (unless you have an important budget to spend in FIFA Points) but well of 75-81 gold cards sufficiently meta at the beginning of the game. We will link you in our various guides, Examples of STARTER TEAM OP on the mode was FIFA 22.

Evolving its Starter Team is sometimes complicated as it requires change 2-3 players to integrate an excellent card you have just get, via the transfer market or weekly rewards (via rivals or team clash). The idea overall is to avoid buying maps on the market if they force you to change a large part of your team. If you have the chance to get non-exchangeable maps of large values, take your time to integrate them.

Also favor your level of collective rather than the overall rating of your team at the beginning. A collective of 100 will win in states bonus on all your cards rather than adding a map to 83 that will lower the collective of a part of your 11.

Complete the first base and advanced DCE

These DCE (team creation challenges) are present at the launch of FIFA 22 on the FEAT mode and will allow you to obtain credits as well as packs for cheap. The idea is to use your little interesting cards to complete them at a lower price. In addition, completing them will allow you to advance in your FIFA 22 basic objectives, giving you access to additional packs.

Therefore, learn how to do them at a lower price, using as much non-tradable maps, minor leagues (outside major championships) and if possible, a fairly low nation.

Basic DCE really do not require any reflection, as long as you use the less interesting cards in your stock. Nevertheless, you will then need to make advanced DCE. These are already more complex, since they include more criteria for completing them.

Avoid as much as possible to spend credits to achieve them. You will find solutions and examples of solution on players, allowing you to reproduce a cheap solution.

Also note that it is important to open the packages obtained, because you will quickly be lacking card if you intend to store packs from the first days of play.

Install the app was to earn credits

In addition to the possibility of playing on the transfers market (see the following paragraph), the FIFA App allows you to regularly win gifts. Indeed, EA will reward you if you connect every day. Take the habit of connecting to 7:00 pm every night (before going to players to discover the new DCE solution) to potentially get a gift.

But it is also an opportunity to discover the daily goals, which again can bring bonuses and the exp for the season was. Some daily challenges can be as simple as buying a player, allowing you to win more than you spent for a bronze card.

The WEP was available on September 22 for FIFA 22 FIFA Ultimate TEAM users.

How to gain credits on trading in the first days

It will be necessary to spend a lot of time on the app or on the walking of the game transfers to learn the value of the cards and seize good opportunities. In the early days, these techniques will take time and it is necessary to take your time. Remember that FIFA requires a tax of 5% of the value of the card when selling. Attention therefore prices so as not to lose money on resale.

Here are our advice and strategies according to the quality of the cards:

Rare bronze cards can be quite expensive if they can complete team creation challenges. The technique will be to get their hands on bronze cards at 150-200 credits, useful for the first DCE of the season. Buy these cards at a minimum price for reselling them around 350-500 credits.

The silver cards have value only if they come from great leagues / nations. You can nevertheless keep these cards to make DCE, including big posters. Thus, everything depends if you can get their hands on cheap cards (below 400 credits) that will serve other players to make challenges. Main mainly the maps of the 5 major championships and major nations (France, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal or Argentina).

As for the common gold cards , some have an interest if the values ​​are good. Thus, if a lateral defenseman of a big championship is fast, it is likely that players seek to get it for the first games of the season. Learn the value of these cards for sniper cheap players to resell a little more. Attention nevertheless, these probably the most risky technique.

As mentioned above, the rare gold cards and the big cards should be kept during the first days of FIFA 22. Wait for prices to start to increase to sell them. On the other hand, we do not recommend betting on big cards at the start. It is more interesting and less risky to bet 10,000 credits out of 10 cards than 10,000 on a map.

The equipment and outfits can sell relatively expensive if you have the chance, from your first pack, get a jersey or an icon of a big club. So, if your welcome pack offers Manchester United, the PSG, a large national team (Brazil, France, Germany) or an important club of a European Championship, select it to sell it immediately on the market. It s a way to get a few thousand credits from the launch, especially since these objects will drop quickly in the next few weeks.

What modes of play play at the beginning of FIFA 22?

For the shot, this section is to separate into two parts: if you start with the first 10 hours of play as early as September 22 or if you start the game after the 27 (pre-order) or October 1st.

In the first situation, the opening of your packs on the web app was and avoid trainers on the game menu during your 10 hours of play. Promote the time in the game to make the most matches in Clash D Team for getting awards Sunday night.

If your playing time is not limited, in the first few weeks, promote the following game modes according to your game level:

Team clash, whatever your level of play, to achieve the goals and also rank your 40 games of the week for Sunday evening awards. Rivals, if you enjoy playing against opponents. Even if your level of play is limited, you can play rivals for weekly rewards. In addition, it is possible to play duet, if you want to make this mode of play more enjoyable. Finally, was Draft if your level of play is high. Indeed, the price of the Token will be easily offset if you consistently win 3 to 4 games in this game mode. In addition, it will allow you to test and evaluate cards.

Should I buy FIFA points to be good on the fashion was FIFA 22?

For the shot, we consider that players are free to use their money as they want on a video game. In our case, we managed to get excellent teams and finish well placed in was champions without spending the least euro last year on FIFA 21, but it requires farmer the game and being able to trader regularly.

However, with the possibility of preview his packs from the launch of FIFA 22, spending FIFA points on profitable packs could be an efficient and inexpensive alternative. Thus, if you consider that spending a hundred euros early in the game is profitable, prefer the use of the Preview Packs and the arrival of OTW to do it.

Here for our guide in order to start on the mode was FIFA 22. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the solutions of the DCE as well as advice to invest, create your Starter Team but also follow the news and The TotW of the game.