More and more people are choosing wooden WPC fences to keep their property secret and safe, there are different styles and each WPC fence offers a different level of privacy, security, beauty, or a common combination of the three. Some of the common options include grid WPC fences, jumps, and game and picket obstacles, but there are a few.

Preferred Style

If you have chosen the style that you like, now you need to pay attention to the wood that you want to use with the grate. Keep in mind that wooden WPC fences are just as effective as metal ones if they are built correctly. They offer privacy and security like a metal WPC fence, but also give your garden a great appearance.

A Wooden WPC fence For a Better Exterior

The concept of fencing has become more and more popular since ancient humanity evolved and gradually became a civilization. There are several reasons why this architectural marvel has quickly become popular. The main reasons are the privacy and security promised to the owner.

Landscape Decoration

A wooden WPC fence is a phenomenon that dates back to the Middle Ages, that is, around the 12th century, to modern achievements in landscape decoration. Although in ancient times WPC fences were built to resist attacks by predators and other animals on livestock and new farms, modern WPC fences serve a different purpose.


The wooden WPC fence incorporates many works of art and classical methodology, creating an atmosphere of luxury and subtlety. If you see a house in one of the luxurious areas of your home, you will not notice the elegant wooden WPC fences that enclose the boundaries of that house. Generally painted white, its final appearance is nothing more than a dazzling look.

Types of WPC fences

Creating this type of barrier is relatively easy and with minimal effort can be done for your own property. As a general rule of thumb, the wooden boards used in the WPC fences should have a minimum distance of 6 "to 8" from each other. It also depends on the type of terrain and the purpose of the WPC fence. The next step is to set up two posts.


Mark the entire area of ​​the floor with a 6 "to 8" interval where you can place the boards in the hole in the column. Take some time to install the columns correctly, as the end result can only depend on this factor. A wooden WPC fence has several advantages over other types. This type of fencing is cheaper and can easily accommodate the materials you need.