Animals crossing New Horizons is a magical place. Players can live a way of life that they cannot achieve in reality. The currency of animals crossing New Horizons is the bell. The players in the game desperately want to get a lot of bells. One of the most common items in the game at the moment is the simple panel. Players can use them in a large number of different areas around the island and create unique simple panel buildings.

As autumn approaches, many players begin to decorate their islands. The following will bring players with autumn characteristic buildings. Creative and simple panel building design code: This building has amazing colors. Everything is just right. Players can choose Buy ACNH Bells to create their colors. The dark wooden details use some very unique objects to create this perspective.

Plant shop: Leith has a cute plant shop. you might like to use a fan to create movement. This is the same island. which is still tropical. There is Pascal's seafood here, with the use of shell lights and shell beds on top to create the roof next to the restaurant counter. It's like the visual interest in the lens is well done.

In addition, there is a candy store called Autumn Candy Store. This is a paradise for those who like food. Players who love candy can participate in the ACBellsBuy website and choose Buy ACNH Items to get a virtual and real experience. A must-have is the shopping area that female players like. Take advantage of mixing different design elements. From booth to a platform to the simple panel. Everything looks top-notch.