In the meantime, a lot of brands are emerging, especially because many come from China without any control on the European market.

The main Hoverboard brands to keep an eye on are:

  1. Oxboard
  2. MPman
  3. Denver
  4. Colorway
  5. Smartway
  6. Ergenic
  7. Evercross
  8. Segway
  9. Hype
  10. Bluewheel

History of hoverboards

The term hoverboard was popularized by the cult film Back to the Future II, in which the main character races through the air on a floating skateboard.

However, today's two-wheeled boards simply touch the ground, despite their name being derived from the English word for to hover.

In 2012, the first hoverboard was invented by Shane Chen.

However, the inventor made little money from it, because variants were soon made in China that were a lot cheaper.

The hoverboard only really became popular when celebrities were also spotted with it.

What is a hoverboard?

A hoverboard is, as it were, a self-balancing skateboard, which is powered by motors.

With a hoverboard, however, the wheels are on the side, so you move forward.

By leaning in a certain direction you can control both the direction and the speed of the board. Because a steering wheel is also missing, your balance is of great importance.

The means of transport is therefore also called a self-balancing scooter.

What is the difference between a hoverboard and an oxboard?

In addition, this ultimate gadget for young people is also known as mini segway, airboard or oxboard. However, the correct name is hoverboard and Oxboard is just one of the brands, albeit a well-known one, that produces hoverboard bundle.

It's another electronic tool that the kids can take out every once in a while, instead of being indoors all day on the console or a kid's tablet .

How does a hoverboard work?

With a hoverboard, it is your body that controls the device.

The place where your feet stand and the pressure you exert on the board determine your speed and which way you go.

But, how exactly does a hoverboard work?


The board consists of several parts.

  • Infrared sensors : At the top of the hoverboard are two pressure plates. The pressure plates communicate with the wheels by means of infrared sensors. The placement of your feet determines the movement of the wheels.
  • Motor : The wheels of the Swegway Bluetooth also contain the motors that drive the device. In addition, the tilt and speed sensors are also built into the wheels. The sensors measure the number of rotations per minute. This information is then forwarded to the gyroscopes.
  • Gyroscope : You can simply see a gyroscope as a kind of spinning top. A hoverboard contains two gyroscopes that, by the pressure of your feet on the device, can determine the rotation and speed. The gyroscope sensors also register how far you lean forward or back. They are important for the stability of the hoverboard. The data received by the gyroscope is then forwarded to the motherboard.
  • Motherboard : The information about the speed and rotation is processed by a kind of microprocessor. This is an important part of the hoverboard. The wheels are controlled on the basis of the data processed by the motherboard. TaoTao is the number one brand that develops the original circuit boards and sensors for the hoverboards. The motherboard also has an overview of the energy consumption and sends out a signal when the battery is (almost) empty.
  • Battery : The battery of a hoverboard keeps the device moving. There are different types of batteries, which often affect the duration of the journey. It is one part that you should definitely not skimp on. A number of cheap Li-ion batteries have caught fire in recent years.
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