Clean rooms, as per their Wikipedia definition, are:


“ Special facility designed to maintain a low level of particulates in a particular region”


In simpler words, Clean rooms are specialized units constructed to limit the entry of elements from the external environment. Clean rooms are not a unique Pharma Industry Solution and can be utilized wherever there is a need to limit the contamination from outside elements, such as - Paint shops, Integrated Circuits Fabrication facilities, LED and LCD production facilities, R&D departments, and others. Although not unique to the pharma industry, Clean rooms have a major significance in the industry for the reasons mentioned below.


Importance of Clean Rooms


Filter Out Most of the Mold, Bacteria, and other Contaminants


Pharmaceutical drugs are extremely sensitive to even slight modification in their chemical composition. As such prolonged exposure of the ingredients of the drug to certain bacteria, mold or other contaminants from the outside environment can be potentially fatal for any recipient of the drug. Clean rooms ensure that the manufacturing premises are kept free of such contaminants.


Maintenance of Specific Temperature and Humidity on the Production Line. 

As said earlier, pharmaceutical drugs are extremely sensitive to slight modifications, including changes in the facility temperature and humidity levels. Clean rooms are a Pharma Industry Solution that ensures that the proper humidity level and temperature needed for production are maintained in the facility. 


Easier to clean, Observe and Maintain the Production Lines/ Premises

Every production line incurs waste materials as a side production of its operations but only a few other industries produce waste as biologically hazardous as the pharma industry. There are regular inspections by the authorities to ensure a clean working environment. Clean rooms are constructed to facilitate easy cleaning and easy disposal of wastes, with its non-absorbent wall panels, drainage facilities on the floor, replaceable air filters, and what not. 

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